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Regarding Images

I posted an image that met all the qualities that are nessisary and listed above and edited it into Aardwolf's profile, but the edits will not save. is this because the pic was not accepted or because of an error? Shoe2

Hi, I am just responding to let you know that approval are taking a long time due to the moderators being busy working on the upcoming handbooks. Hang in there someone will give your work a look soon. ohitsme 16:37, 15 August 2009 (EDT)

It has been almost a year since i posted my first edit and it is still not approved. Shoe2 10:42, 18 September 2009 (PST)

Hey Shoe, I see you are trying to place some images on the website of Marvel characters, and while some like La Lunatica and Meanstreak are acceptable, others like Junkpile, and Aardwolf are not. The reason why some cannot be placed on the website are because they aren't high-quality images and some are still full of text (ie: dialogue balloons and titles and UPC codes from the covers. Even Serpentina and Krystalin are on the borderline, but I'll leave them until you can get a new images of improved quality to replace them. Also, check the sizing on some of you pictures as they are too large. Go to the Help section and review the guidelines on posting pics to get a better understanding of what I'm telling you, and then post some more. Hopefully you'll be able to add some images to characters that sorely need them. Thank you. Acotilletta (mod)