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Real Name
Michael C. Higgins

Andrew Sention

Silver Savior

Place of Birth
New Jersey

First Appearance


When Born His Parents Had an issue. Whether to name Him Andrew Sention ( Fathers Last Name ) Or Michael C. Higgins ( After Mother ). He ended Up With Michael C. Higgins as his name. As A Boy With his parents arguing every day Michael wanted to be a hero and drew hero suits for the heros in his imagination. One Day with his Parents fighting was at a maximum so he escaped the fire by taking his favorite SpiderMan Comic with him to his Treehouse. A storm had started outside so he stayed in his treehouse until his comic book was blown out of the window and it got stuck at the top of the tree. He Climbed the Tree to the top to retrieve The Comic but when he finally had it he was struck by lightning and was unconscious. He Awoke at the Hospital With a Full Body Cast and an Air mask. He Picked up a hand mirror and had a great idea. He Drew a Costume for a Character. He called the Character The Silver Savior. Later at 18 he Changed his Name to Andrew Sention. After College he joined the S.H.E.I.L.D. After 4 years of being with the S.H.E.I.L.D he saw a man shot to death when he was being questioned about a Scientist he created Monsters. Andrew was in shock. He Attacked the S.H.E.I.L.D for over a year with bombs and guns. He then knew he needed a new life other than running from the S.H.E.I.L.D and attacking it. He Stole from factories and computer stores and sold all he stole he had enough money to make his suit and create the computer system in his Cave in the Forest. He Became a Hero of New York and at one point was rescued by SpiderMan.


Michael C. Higgins. A Boy Inspired by Comic Books and Video Games Suddenly ( after 10 years ) was intrested in Heros instead of Villains and Japanese Character that Fight. After a SpiderMan Video Game Michael C. Higgins decided to go to in search of information on the Web Head. He than was amazed about the Web Head's History. He Then Bought his first SpiderMan Comic Book and was even more amazed. Now he had always had ideas of Characters for Movies, Books, and Video Games but they were always Villains.

He had an Idea for a Hero named The Silver Savior. Which lead to a Story for his Character. Now He Dreams of Making His Character a Famous Marvel Character that would be in Movies, Books, Comic Books, and Video Games. Though nobody in Texas will even consider taking a Young Boys Dream and making it real.

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