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Hello Smile0525! If you want to leave a message for another user, you can do so on that user's "Discussion" page. Click on the user's name to go to that user's personal page. Then click on the "Discussion" link. If no one has left a message for this user before, this will take you to an edit window. However, if there are already messages for this user, you must now click the "+" link. This will create a new section. Put the subject of your question in the title box and everything else in the big box. User:Pete is the main web administrator for Marvel. Moderators include User:DragynWulf, User:MikeFichera, and User:Stuart Vandal. (Forgive me if I left any moderators out, I don't think we have a list anywhere.) Other frequent participants include User:ComiX-Fan, User:Mimicx35, User:Wezqu, and myself. --Lonesome Pinky 00:13, 25 January 2007 (CST)