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This site's dead. No one ever posts anymore. All mods do anymore is delete new users' entries. The site hasn't been the same since Viper was banned. Now there's too many disambig pages. You don't get points for talking on discussion pages. The fact that this was sort of like a message board was what brought many people, including me, on to the Marvel Universe section of the site. No one answers any one's posts any more. I wanted to say bye because I'm leaving this site. Not like any one's even gonna read this. sononsj 17:50, 23 October 2006 (CDT)

Well this thing seem to be aimed at me, because I have made most of the disambiguation pages. Also if you haven't noticed I have poster three new bios in the recent days so I dont do just disambiguation pages. Also those pages are quite relevant when there is several characters that use the alias and they would be added eventually anyway. For my opinion those pages are better to be made before they start to make bios about the characters, because then they can use the disambiguation page link to get straight to the right address and don't make it in the wrong place so the mods have to move it. Also these mods are working on the official handbooks so they dont have all day to use managing this site. Also still most of the bios that are poster are poorly made or just plain wrong or they are copied from some other site. I'm not going anywhere I will stay here making this database more complete every time I add a bio or disambiguation page. --Wezqu 18:52, 23 October 2006 (CDT)

One reason why posters to post/discuss things hardly anymore is because we have a message board on now. This place was never intended to be a message board. It was intended to be a place to discuss things about the characters for the entries. had planned all along to have message boards, which have been working for the past 3-4 months.
Profiles and edits to them are approved all the time. But we have to delete the ones that are incorrectly made so posters who want to correctly make a profile can do that.
The reason you don't get points for posting on someone's Userpages is because all it would take is for someone to post a certain amount of times on a discussion page and then they had self-approval rights. Which caused more and more problems in the long run because they would mess up a profile and approve it. Now in order to get self-approval rights, you have to contribute to the profiles themselves and learn the proper way to create a profile.
As for Viper, he was never banned. His self-approval rights were removed because he acted like he was a Moderator telling posters what they could and couldn't do, approved other people's profiles and constantly changed images that didn't need to be changed just to put "his" version in its place even after he was warned numerous times. He could always still contribute to the site, but decided not to because he no longer could approve profiles.
Questions get answered when they are noticed. It is a fast paced site and as Wezqu, there are a lot of incorrect edits or copied information used.
But if you decide to leave, that is up to you. Since you enjoy talking with others, I hope you can enjoy the message boards instead of leaving completely. --DragynWulf 19:10, 23 October 2006 (CDT)

I wasn't blaming you or anything, wezgu. I'm not saying that because of disambig pages, Marvel Universe is worae; I made a few disambig pages myself.

I know that. I meant to say since Viper stopped posting.

I wasn't blaming anyone, I just don't feel like I'm needed on this site anymore. sononsj 18:38, 24 October 2006 (CDT)

I have to admit I have found it very tough to get my hero points and thus just the small things that would be fun, have been difficult, like making my own profile, right now, it needs approval as I just want to make a change, DragonWulf has been very helpful in this area. Sononsj, if you're still out there, please dont go, I definitly need people like and DragynWulf to teach me. I have been gone for while as I thought I wasn't getting anywhere, but maybe I was premature in my thinking. So please stay and help me, thanks --Venomocity 12:42, 1 July 2007 (CDT)

Spidey Update

Hi Sononsj, I approved your Spidey update, but moved some of the info into the Paraphernalia section, where there was already text about the new costume's details.--MikeFichera 20:33, 9 April 2006 (EDT)

Thanks, I hadn't noticed that. user:sononsj 4:07, 15 April 2006

Losing Hero Points

Hey, what's going on here?! Twice I've lost Hero Points for no apparent reason. I lost just one point a few days ago, but just now I lost two points!!! I don't swear or anything in my edits, and I have just about perfect grammar! user:sononsj

It's a bug, it happens to all of us once in a while. If you lose massive amounts of hero points talk to pete, I'm sure he'll be able to restore them. Oh, and try using four ~ keys to sign of on your posts, it'll automatically sign your user name plus the time and date.--Viper 23:03, 16 April 2006 (EDT)

Thanks for that. (And thaks for the tip- I wondered how you guys added the link without the "user:"). By the way, thanks for adding the new picture of Carnage. sononsj 00:37, 17 April 2006 (EDT)

Pete's User Talk

Just thought you should know that the questions you answered and commented on are very very old; both Irish and I were newbies when we asked them, and the answer to your hero point question is one that no one can tell you. I will tell you that if you make an edit and the changes occur immediately, you'll be an approver, and I'll probably let you know. --Viper 20:18, 17 April 2006 (EDT)


I GOT ENOUGH POINTS TO BE ABLE TO EDIT WITHOUT APPROVAL!!!!! That is all. sononsj 20:47, 18 April 2006 (EDT)

Congrats! After you make a change, you'll still need to approve your own edits. See the recent changes page - there will be new options you didn't have before. --MikeFichera 21:48, 18 April 2006 (EDT)


Though I didn't approve of the "numerous retcons" line originally, someone else must have OK'ed it, and I didn't catch it. That's been up there for awhile - thanks for catching that! --MikeFichera 13:54, 19 April 2006 (EDT)


Your user page is a trip. -- IRISH4869 22:39, 24 April 2006 (EDT)

I was waiting for a User to use a Person template! Get ready for folks to be editing your bio and rewriting your personal history!--MikeFichera 23:16, 1 May 2006 (EDT)

Yeah, great User page. -marvels 20:41, 2 May 2006 (EDT)

How Many Points to Edit?

How many points do you need to be able to edit?

It's supposed to be a secret. sononsj 18:49, 24 April 2006 (EDT)

OK, but how do you know when you are able to?

Try editing something. If the change you made appears right away, then you can edit. sononsj 22:30, 24 April 2006 (EDT)

Civil War

I wouldn't start adding to the Civil War category yet; pete might only want specific characters. Patience is a virtue shared only by the wise --Viper 19:12, 5 May 2006 (EDT)

First, I was gullible, and now you call me unwise?! You wanna start something, Viper?! You wanna take this outside?!

..... Well, this is lame. sononsj 19:36, 5 May 2006 (EDT)

I wasn't calling you gullible or unwise; don't make me pumpkin bomb you. --Viper 20:48, 5 May 2006 (EDT)

I know, Viper. I was just joking. (Sure you weren't). sononsj 21:06, 5 May 2006 (EDT)


I created the bio, you add a category and get listed as the sole contributor. I really hate this contribution system. --Viper 23:46, 9 May 2006 (EDT)

Key word there being you hate this system. (Yeah, until someone does it to me). Before you threaten to pumpkin bomb me, Viper (again), I was just joking. sononsj 23:51, 9 May 2006 (EDT)

And your edit wasn't even right? It's just not fair. --Viper 23:54, 9 May 2006 (EDT)

Hope you don't mind

Hi, Dave here. I created a new Marvel bio user page for myself using a template. I know you were the one who started the trend and I felt I should tell you and congratulate you on it I guess? david andrews 13:29, 10 May 2006 (EDT)

Sure, I don't mind. sononsj 14:15, 10 May 2006 (EDT)

Cool, thanks man. david andrews 17:15, 10 May 2006 (EDT)

Recent Edits

I see you've created a category and have been adding pages to it. Did you run it by the admins? If not you should do so before adding anymore articles. --Viper 21:52, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

Okay, but I don't know who the specific admins are. sononsj 21:55, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

MikeFichera, Stuart Vandal, and ComiX-Fan. Could you wipe (make small needed edits to the articles, thus wiping any unapproved or useless edits) the edits made by the user captainavenger, he's adding categories that don't exist (or make sense) Eg: a previous edit stating Tony Starks hair was Blonde. I'm going to bed. --Viper 23:37, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

Thanks, but...

I noticed what I wrote, and considered changing it. But I didn't. I'm not going to change it back, but it's good for the mods to yell at someone like me instead of you young bucks. Viper's a kid. Looking out for him is a good thing. Me? Don't worry about me. I kinda like it when they argue with me. - IRISH4869 23:43, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

Ha, okay. sononsj 23:59, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

Zombie convo

Not to sound like a mod, but the conversation part shouldn't be there. Why they didn't do anything about it is beyond me. I wasn't slighting you, I was just putting it the way it should be. In my opinion the profile could be organized a little better, but I'm not trying to step on your toes. - IRISH4869 01:06, 12 May 2006 (EDT)

I had doubts when I wrote it, but it wasn't just some random lines from the comic, it actually answered the question at the end of the bio. sononsj 10:52, 12 May 2006 (EDT)

Sononsj's Pic

The image is sent to the bottom of the screen with the right tag not the left. It might show up at the bottom of your account (most likely one of the many account glitches in wiki, like the "You have new messages" glitch) but to other users it is in the right position, promise. --Viper 20:13, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

So right now, to you, it's in the right position? sononsj 20:40, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

Nope, at the bottom, my previous edit was to fix that. Try putting a center tag on it. --Viper 20:56, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

Okay, I did center. How's it look now? sononsj 21:06, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

Good, it worked. --Viper 21:21, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

Could you?

I've been sitting here for around an hour trying to add a Pyro pic to the Pyro bio, so could you do it for me? If yes, here's the link [1] If it's to big could you edit it too? If you don't want to I will edit it. The 3rd iron 22:32, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

I could, but when I go there it just says "Image Hosted by Tripod:". sononsj 22:37, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

[2]Try that one and if you do it, thanks so much. It was torture just sitting here not being able to do anything about it. The 3rd iron 22:49, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

Sorry, can't add that one. It's not official Marvel art. In the future if you wish to add an image (make sure it's from Marvel) save it to where ever you save your images, go to the Marvel Universe page and select the upload file link at the bottom right hand corner of the page. Also, you should check out the Help:Images page. --Viper 22:57, 14 May 2006 (EDT)

OK, I will make sure it's from Marvel from now on and try to do everything else you said. The 3rd iron 22:59, 14 May 2006 (EDT)


Thanks for catching the non-Marvel manga image. --MikeFichera 01:39, 20 May 2006 (EDT)

User Pages?

Hey Sonons its Dave , just noticed our user pages have been acting up a little , when i go to mine all i get is the editing form to it and I have to save it again. Wild guess says its happening to you too , I noticed your page was in editing form too. (don't worry I didn't change your profile) david andrews 18:12, 28 May 2006 (EDT)

I noticed. I heard (I mean I read) someone saying it was because it had something to do with your ranking (for example, mods are blue and users whose posts still need to be approved are red). sononsj 15:25, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

True but I have the approval status and I noticed the links to your page and pete's and vipers pages are in red too, when i click the link it brings me to an editing form of these pages. It could be a glitch in the system david andrews 15:57, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

I noticed Pete's (that still puzzles me). I still have to approve my own edits after I make 'em, so technically someone's still approving them (me). That's what I thought, anyways. sononsj 16:03, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

Well I've only noticed it in the past couple of days so wheather the system changed or has a glitch its still puzzle us both. david andrews 17:15, 29 May 2006 (EDT)

Fantastic Four Team Bio

Mind if I ask why you took the bio I wrote for the FF, added in Central City, Beyonder's Battleworld, and some other links/slight changes, and then posted it as yours? The polite thing to do would have been to approve my version, thereby leaving me with credit and points, and then re-edit it with your changes. Otherwise, it looks like you just nabbed my work, which I wrote from scratch, and put it up as yours. I realize that what I write becomes the property of Marvel, so I'm not implying plagerism, it was just inconsiderate. Please get back to me on this. PseudoSherlock 13:52, 2 June 2006 (EDT)

After reading various user talk pages, I found more than one comment about you having trouble editing pieces while approving them and it subsequently deleting the contributor credit. If that was the case with the Fantastic Four bio, I apologize for being defensive about it. I've been frustrated recently because I wrote a small pile of bios a few weeks ago that haven't been approved or disapproved, and at the same time I'm at the point where I can't get any hero points with talk pages. Therefore, I feel like I'm stuck without any ability to gain points, because the only way I can get points is bios, and mine are rarely ever approved. So when I saw that the first bio I did, for my favorite team, was whisked away under someone else's name, it got me upset. If it's a simple mistake please let me know, and if there is any way for me to regain credit, it would be much appreciated. PseudoSherlock 14:30, 2 June 2006 (EDT)

Note: I wrote the following paragraph before I had read the previous papragraph.

I didn't make those edits, and I don't remember ever copying it and re-posting it. My guess is someone else did this, and I then made a minor edit, and the other person's (AKA the person that copied the bio) name got erased (you know what a crazy system this is; contributor's names get deleted all the time). My name would then be the only one listed under contributors, and it would look like I had copied it. sononsj 20:38, 2 June 2006 (EDT)

Alright...I'm still learning the system. I caught your name from the "Recent Changes" section, and thought that, since I hadn't seen anything happen to the bio in weeks, yours had to be the newest/only change. However, I peeked at the "History" of the bio just now and I can see that my changes were approved by Stuart Vandal, but apparently couldn't be approved in the traditional way. Therefore I never saw it come up on my points. So not only am I sorry that I thought someone edited over my stuff without giving me credit, but I doubly apologize to you, because as you guessed, you had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. Again, I'm sorry. And this system IS buggy, and to me it's frequently looked like someone is out to get me or rudely deleting/changing things, but apparently it's all coincidence. So please chalk up my comments to having a difficult couple of weeks on here, and hopefully I can get back in the swing of it and start putting out some bios, trouble-free! PseudoSherlock 23:05, 2 June 2006 (EDT)

Alternate Realities?

I would've thought there are profiles more deserving of entries here at before alternate realities from the Wha Huh? one-shot. IMO they're a waste of time, effort and resources, and should rank dead last on a priority list. --ComiX-Fan 01:41, 12 June 2006 (EDT)

Actually Eric, I don't mind someone covering whatever corner of the Marvel universe they like. Imo, its not a matter of priorities, its a matter of what the individual knows and feels like adding. However my problem is that sononsj has been taking these profiles from the Marvel Appendix without asking permission or giving credit, which is plagiarism. I know you've rewritten them somewhat, but they remain other people's work and you left a huge great smoking gun in each and every one which leaves no doubt in my mind that you copied from the Appendix. Care to explain yourself sononsj?

For the record, head Handbook writer, moderator and Appendix owner Jeff Christiansen has noted "Given the level of research and the taking each piece of data from the actual books, I don't have a problem with Appendix stuff going on, but I do think permission should be asked as a courtesy, and credit should be given as a necessity. Tell people to ask me (and the original writer where applicable), and I'll almost certainly give permission to post my/our profiles." Stuart Vandal 05:30, 12 June 2006 (EDT)

I didn't plagiarise the Appendix site. For the designations, I went to the Appendix but that was all I took from that website. sononsj 19:36, 12 June 2006 (EDT)

I just read all of the bios I created and compared them with the ones on the Appendix website. I honestly don't think that they're so similar that it could be considered plagiarising. The stories in Wha.. Huh? were pretty short and didn't have a lot of information, so there were only so many ways to describe them. That might be why it seems like I plagiarised the Marvel Appendix. sononsj 19:47, 12 June 2006 (EDT)

Okay, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, though you did by your own admission take the designators from the Appendix. If I was wrong about the rest, I apologise. I'd still prefer you don't take the designations from the Appendix, because they remain unofficial numberings unless and until they get ratified in a Marvel title (Handbooks count); plus that was what first gave me the impression that plagiarism might be happening, and you want to avoid giving that impression. Stuart Vandal 07:21, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Okay; I assumed that Jeff Christiansen was the guy who made up all the designations. I didn't realize that they weren't official until published. sononsj 18:26, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Irish vs. categories

Thanks for backing me up Sausage (I'm calling you that because of the way your name sounds when I say it out loud and I like giving people nicknames). I don't understand this need to categorize EVERYTHING. Some things are just niche things and need to be left where they are. My arguements will be more appreciated after there are more alternate reality characters added. I might just add a bunch of Wolverine entries just to prove a point. -- IRISH4869 04:59, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Edit reasons

sononsj, when you make an edit, can you please make a note in the reason field to help the moderators discern exactly what it is you're editing? Thanks. --ComiX-Fan 08:21, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Speaking of which - why did you remove some Marvel Universe links?--MikeFichera 12:33, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Do you know which links I removed? I don't remember even removing them. sononsj 18:40, 13 June 2006 (EDT)


I think it's hilarious that you spellchecked my rant to Dragywulf (I didn't really care about spelling, but whatever) and even made sure to capitaliize my nickname for you. HAHAHAHAHA. Sauasage you're alright in my book. -- IRISH4869 20:34, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Alright the first time was funny, now it's becoming unsettling. Word placement is the way I want it. Thanks for looking out for me Sausage. I mean that, but don't worry about editing my discussion stuff. Even if it's incorrect, I'll deal with it, and sometimes it's that way for a reason. -- IRISH4869 20:38, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Alright, but I'm not forgetting what you said about DW not picking on me. sononsj 20:45, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

I was trying to make the point that he seems to have a grudge against me. It probably isn't that way, but one might draw that conclusion if one followed the trail. I just used you as an example because you were the first applicable one that popped in my head. No offense to it. I got your back. -- IRISH4869 20:50, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

I don't have a grudge against you. You just need to do spellchecks on your entries and you never do. I have even found typos on information you got from Handbooks. So in order to make sure the entries have correct spelling, I just follow the list you have on your Userpage (or what I have seen you approved in the Recent Changes) to make sure they are correct. Which is something you should have done in the first place when you approve the entries. Here is a great example that I just corrected on Speed Demon: You spell abilities as abilites and paraphernalia as paraphenalia. And this isn't even part of entry itself. This same mistake with these words happen on quite a lot of your entries. --DragynWulf 21:39, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

You are exactly right. The same mistakes are there, repeatedly. Because initially I copied a profile to use as a template, and that template was filled with errors. Also, you updated the Speed Demon profile about a month ago (maybe longer) because I remember mentioning how your update removed my credit from the entry. And I never mentioned being upset about the spellchecking. I appreciate it. Cause I can't do it, and I don't care. I was upset by the fact that you've been dogging my list, and not doing it to other entries. You could just go straight down the people list, instead your chasing my tail. That's your perogative, but my info has been on the money (a few small errors here or there). I just don't know why you are so riled up about this category thing. I think Sausage had a valid point. -- IRISH4869 22:21, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

Editing Usertalk pages

sononsj, there is no need to edit what people say in a Usertalk page. It is okay to have typos in that area.
Also please don't change/edit/add to a poster's Userpage. If you have something to tell them, the discussion pages are used for that.
I realize that you were only helping on both accounts, but if others see it being done, then they will do it as well. Directing a poster to the use of a discussion pages benifits them in the long run. --DragynWulf 21:31, 8 July 2006 (EDT)

im a kid i need help and im really new could some one help me?

ok first,how do you make a user page? --pickelteeth

The ``real´´ way to do it is to just go to your user page and say stuff like ``Hi, i´m [insert random name here]. My favorite character is [insert random Marvel character here] and I´m hoping to [insert random objective here]´´. But I invented a totally better way (what can I say, I´m modest). Go to the person template (which you can do by clicking here: template:person). Copy and paste it onto your user page. Then fill in the blanks like you would a bio for a character. Lastly, delete the part that says ``{{´´ and then ``person´´ and then another two squigly parantheses so your user page doesn´t actually apear in the categories. user:sononsj

The popular kids

Hey Sononsj, Dave here, Couldn't help but see you and Mike were the two most linked to people on the site congrats , But do you know why? Ok well yeah you do but still the point I'm trying so hard to make is that : Doesn't it bother you when you ask someone a question and they answer it on THEIR page so to see the response you have to then link to them where as no one ever links to you in a response. No? Just me? Its nothing personal against anyone but you know when you click onto the main page of the Marvel Universe and you see that little " You have new messages" banner and you know its just a glitch in the system but in your heart you still think "what if I am popular?" and ... well ... we all know how that ends. But anyway I know you or Mike did nothing to deserve this little rant but you just reminded me and I just realised how annoying it is and had to tell someone.Its not even that important but I mean I've typed it all out so its goin somewhere and I just know your going to respond to this on your page too. Its ok i don't mind. Its expected by now. david andrews 00:01, 25 August 2006 (EDT)

Vandalizing userpages

Although Armo1993 vandalized your userpage, doing the same to his is just as bad. Please do not do it in the future again. If something like this happens again in the future, please bring it to the attention of a Moderator and we will handle it in a civl manner. Telling someone in a threatening manner does no good at all. --DragynWulf 19:13, 23 November 2006 (CST)

I didn't mean to do it to his user page. I thought it was his talk page. sononsj 23:16, 23 November 2006 (CST)


What does MC2 stand for?-captainkatz

Marvel Comics 2 or Marvel Characters 2 I believe. --DragynWulf 12:12, 20 April 2007 (CDT)