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I personally think that my page is pretty cool, i like it. If anybody is checking out this page right now plz help me get some stuff posted on the "Ricochet" page because it wont let me.

publicly known vs. no dual identity

no dual identity means the person does not have an alter-ego. Publicly known means that someone with an alter-ego is public with his or her true identity - like Mr. Fantastic.--MikeFichera 23:46, 15 May 2007 (CDT), moderator

Well I thought to save some time from Mike because he has made it clear that he is little busy like all of them are. The question you asked in Mike's discussion page here is the answer. Aliases section is for all the names or nicknames that character has used. Even if the character doesn't have a dual identity they usually have some nicknames. So for that the Alias section is "None" only when he doesn't have any other aliases than the one he is using or he doesn't have any aliases at all. Even if a person doesn't have a dual identity he/her have nicknames. Even you have nicknames that your friends have given you. Reason why many bios read "Publicly known" is because they have been super-powered beings on some point in their history and revealed their identity to the public. To regular people who live in Marvel Universe should all read under identity "No dual identity" because they don't have a dual identity.

Also to those two other questions heres a answer. Hero points are earned by doing edits that gets approved by moderators. If you Ricochet edits didn't get trought there must been something wrong in them. Like writing mistakes, wrong information, copied form other site, wrong format... After you get enough hero points you can approve your own edits (AND ONLY YOUR OWN EDITS NOT ANYBODY ELSES) and they usually appear even without approving. This also means that you have to get everything approved even your own user page and user talk page and so for it takes for a some time to appear. These moderators like Mike has many other things to do (like writing the official handbooks) so they don't just moderate this site so don't blame them if it takes time. I hope this cleared some things to you. --Wezqu 09:17, 17 May 2007 (EDT)


Thank you very much to whoever just let me change my user page! i've been trying repeatedly 2 get it changed but nobody paid any attention. i really appreciate it. - Spideyfan242