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Your Penance bio wont get approved, because its straight cut and paste copy from Comicvine site. Plagiarizing is illegal and this site wont accept any plagiarized information. Also if you would have bothered to check the other bios that are on this site you would know that refering to actual comics inside the bio text is strict "no no". Also there is so many mistakes in it like refering all the other characters stories in the bio as that page is ment for the current Penance not all of those who became before her. --Wezqu 17:03, 4 September 2007 (EDT)

I was afraid this might happen, but I wrote the ComicVine one, too. To be fair, 5 to 10 percent was actually written by someone else with horrible grammar skills, so I rewrote that and added to it. Check the Top Contributors on the left side of the Hollow page on ComicVine, you'll see I'm the highest point count by far. In fact, I changed several parts of the ComicVine one based on the research I was doing for the one.

Furthermore, I DID check the guidelines and I DIDN'T refer to the ... well, a bit at the end of each section, mentioning the year of her appearance in Generation X and Loners, but that's easily taken out. But otherwise, I made sure to take those references out of the ComicVine version and keep the references in the Powers section, which is rather long in and of itself.

Anyway, thanks for an explanation. I don't know how I could rewrite my own words so that they're not plagiarizing myself, lol, so how about if I did a bare bones (picture + stats + significant issues) version? Penance deserves some recognition on this site beyond Speedball! --Starleafgirl

Well you can use the text if its yours but at the present it has several things it doesn't really need. You can talk about the previous characters but just briefly. Bio should be of this new character only not every other Penance there has been. Power section should only list her abilities that she is shown to use not every last power or ability that the other Penance charaters has used because there might be powers and abilities that only one character could use. Bio should be writen as you would have witnessed the happenings when they happened. You have several times refered the happenings as you would be the narrator. Also not everything has to be told so clearly or these bios would be very large if every story would be told entirely like every little thing happened in them. Look the other bios for example like Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine and others. If you have any questions just ask and I will try to answer or some other user will help. I'm not a moderator just tought to tell you as they seem to be busy at the moment. --Wezqu 19:29, 4 September 2007 (EDT)