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Wezqu thanks for the corrections. This was my first article. I really didn't know what I was doing. I'll make sure that I lay it out more like how you changed this article. I didn't realize that how the links worked in this editor. Again thanks for your help. Is there some way to know who approves my articles? --Technarchydream

Well there is still some things that might need editing in it but someone else can do those edits. Also when you list issues there should be year of publication after it. So people know what comic it was as there might be several different volumes of the same tittle. I didn't add them as I don't know the years. In reality the page should have not been approved at all no offence as there were several mistakes in it and some info was posted in wrong format. Next time you do a profile look how the other profiles are made and how things are listed in them. Use profiles of the main characters like Spider-Man as it is almost perfect page as moderators themself said so to see how things should be listed. Also no you can't exactly know who approved your edit you can only guess. Also you know who the moderators are when they post something in discussion page and after their user name it reads moderator. --Wezqu 17:01, 31 August 2007 (EDT)