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User talk:The Gecko

Hi Gecko. Thanks for contributing, but at the moment I can't approve your amendments to Ultimate Venom, mostly due to formatting errors. "In recent Events," - first, events shouldn't be capitalised. Second, entries should be written in the style of an impartial observer within the Marvel universe (imagine it was the Watcher narrating the history) - so it would probably be better to say "Recently". "it was revealed tha Ultimate Venom" - first, spellcheck entries please - "tha" should be "that". Second, the character's name is Venom, not Ultimate Venom. "as in Normal continuity." - again, don't refer to "normal continuity" within a profile. "the head of the comapny" - spellcheck again - company "he was the person Venom went for next, brutally slaughtered" - grammatically, I think this should be "next, and brutally slaughtered" "their parents deaths" - missing the possessive - "their parents' deaths" "The Plane Crash had been" - plane crash shouldn't be capitalised. "Parker's blood to satbilise" - spellcheck - "stabilize" "Unlike the Original Venom, Ultimate Venom" - you should avoid referencing the other Marvel reality within the history section (on the talks page is fine). If you really have to reference another reality, do it the way the Watcher would - he wouldn't refer to the "Original" Venom, he'd refer to the Earth-616 Venom. "is neither afraid of nor harmed by Fire or Sonics" - no need to capitalise fire or sonics. "suit can be vaporised ine lectricity." - vaporized please (U.S. spelling), and "in electricity" (though that I accept is more of a typo than a genuine spelling error). The overall content of what you entered was good, and if you can fix the above errors and keep what I've said in mind for the future, then I can go ahead and approve your amendments. Stuart Vandal 04:31, 14 March 2006 (EST)