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Hey venomspider, this is just a quick piece of advice since you continue to remind everyone you are new here. This is an official Marvel website and you cannot change profiles on here based on what you would like the information to be. I've noticed you continually attempt to change the heights and weights of some of the characters because you feel what is there is incorrect. You need to have actual proof, whether from a comic or from a source guide that Marvel distributes on their characters. You say you don't want to be rude, so here's your chance to prove that statement. If you wish to change a profile, find the correct information, if any is to be found, and then you need for a moderator to approve it. I hope this helps with your Marvel posts. -- acotilletta

Venomspider, you have obviously not seen this piece of advice, or you are choosing to ignore it, but please read it because really need to know the rules of this site before you contribute to it. -- acotilletta

Hey venomspider, please stop what you are doing. I believe that you feel that you are helping to make this site better. However you are changing the official information and adding your opinion, which is not acceptable here. It would be best if stop what you are doing and read the site posting rules, before you find yourself banned.--ohitsme 16:40, 24 January 2009 (EST)

Ok ok I have proof look up on wikipedia and you'll see.Also Rhino is 7' and 759 lbs He was huge as the hulk .Abomination is bigger than the hulk and for eddie brock as anti venom from the new ways to die storyline was true just look up on wkiedpia. Also in the symbiote form makes them(only for Brock,gargam,carnageandtoxin). IRon monger armor was huge. Ezekl stane has have height so is a bit bigger than iron man.Also red hulk is bigger.thundra was taller than she hulk but not thing or hulk.Onslaught is varibleand his height shoid be 16'11 and 2345 lbs.

Venomspider, any moderator on this site would tell you that wikipedia is NOT a reliable source of information, and anything you find on wikipedia may not be completely accurate. The only information that should be posted on the Marvel website is information found inside Marvel comics or Marvel source books. After all, who knows the characters of Marvel better than those who create or write those characters? Stay off wikipedia, read some Marvel books, and then make posts if you like, but remember that even after you do, a moderator still has to approve them before the changes take effect. Hope this helps. -- acotilletta

Venomspider, you need to listen to all the advice given to you by those who have been posting on this site for quite some time now. If you don't, you will most likely be banned by a moderator when they see the constant mess you are making of some of the profiles, and of the protected pages that are only to be used for discussions and not profile entries. You CANNOT change a profile just because you think it should be something other than what it is. If you DO NOT have any proof either from a MARVEL comic or an OFFICIAL Marvel source book, then you simply MUST leave the profile as it stands. I don't know how much clearer I, or anyone else who has mentioned something to you, can be. You need to stop doing what you are doing and START following the rules of this website. A lot of people who contribute here put a lot of effort into their work, and we DO NOT want you ruining our work or the experience of posting on this website. Please, this is the last time I can ask you. Read the rules of this site and FOLLOW them. Thank you for your time. --acotilletta

really so where can i find the source book

The source books I am referring to are the Official Handbooks of the Marvel Universe which you should be able to find at a comic book or specialty shops, and there are guide books by DK Publishing on characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men, or there are the Marvel Encyclopedias. Those you should also be able to find at a comic book or specialty shops as well as a larger book stores like Borders. Sometimes, you can even find these books on an auction site like Ebay. Again, I hope this helps. --acotilletta

Well venomspider, i see you are up to your old habits again, so i give up with you. Hopefully, a moderator will see what you are doing and attempt to get through to you, or ban you from this site, because none of my advice seems to be making a dent in that skull of yours. If you really want to make these characters to your own liking, you should start an unofficial Marvel site this way you can do whatever you want. The information will be inaccurate, of course, but at least you'll be happy. Have a good day, and happy posting, but don't look forward to getting too much approved here until you follow the rules. --acotilletta what was that i cound't here ya oh i did but i din't lsiten very well.