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X-fanthom, I just want to bring up to you, and this is for consideration of those who may not read books as quickly as you do, but when I first started using this site there was an unmentioned rule about waiting at least a few weeks before posting information that was just released in the comics. Either that or post the word "Spoiler" in the description so those who do not want to know the information before they get a chance to read it for themselves could choose not to read it here first. I know updating members for a certain team may not be Earth-shattering for some, but this should be applied to anything that is posted here. It would be much appreciated if you follow this too.

Also, for future reference, when the members of a certain team's roster changes, you should move them to former members and not delete them all together from the profile.

Thank you for your time. Acotilletta

Hey X-fanthom. I see you've posted the new roster for the Thunderbolts and listed that it wasn't a spoiler. Well, the new issue of Thunderbolts where the roster may or may not have been announced (I haven't read it yet) just came out yesterday. I could have posted what team members I knew of from reading the plot synopsis of upcoming Thunderbolts issues when i updated the page, but I did not because of what I mentioned to you previously. Some of the characters you listed were not in the descriptions I read, and I'm sure some readers (including myself) would like to be surprised as the story unfolds for us. Please, for the consideration of myself and others who visit this site, wait a few weeks to give everyone the chance to catch up before you post spoilers, even if you feel they are not. I would appreciate your cooperation in this, and hopefully, I won't have to bring this topic up again with you.

Thank you. Acotilletta