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universe =Marvel | blurb =With Her mom being mutant Ashley Katleen became a mutant.She discovered her power at school when she got into a fight and defended herself by scratching the other mutant known as Ororo Munroe (Storm).She went to the jungle and lived with the jaguars and could summon them with her mighty roar.While on a mission the X-Men found her playing with the jaguar cubs.She joined them at age 19 and fell in love with James Howlett(Wolverine).The rest is to be told sometime later. | real_name = Ashley Katleen | | identity =Secret,known to certain government agencies | occupation = arobics instructor,phsycologist,nurse,female drag racer,and teacher. | citizenship = U.S.A and/or Europe | place_of_birth = Tallahassee,Florida | relatives = unknown mother(deceased)Sue Ann Marvelo (foster mother) Dale Marvelo (foster father) | groups = X-Men | education = Tutored By foster mother everyday | height = 5'3" | weight = 90 lbs. | eyes = Blue | hair =Black | powers = The ability to summon jaguars,istant healing ability, speed like a jaguars,poison claws | | weapons = poison claws and fangs |