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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Avengers Infinity #2, 2000

Home World
Unidentified dimension

Technology Level
The Walkers were responsible for the creation of the Servitors, which were also robotic automations, created to defend against the internal attack of Quasar, and the Avengers.


Physical Description
The Walkers are giant golden automated humanoid beings

The Walkers were planet size humanoid automations that hailed from an unidentified dimension outside of the 616 Universe. They were sent by their masters the Infinites on a mission that was never fully explained, however, they were tasked with turning planets into handles that were to be used by the Infinites to carry away entire galaxies.

Their mission brought them into direct conflict with Quasar and a group of cosmic Avengers, which included the Jack of Hearts, Thor, Photon, Moondragon, Tigra and Starfox.
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One of the Walkers were infiltrated by the Avengers, who were trying to find a weakness that could be exploited to take down these universal interlopers, although, the Walkers were not defenseless to this form of internal attack, their bodies created Servitors that responded much like the white blood cells of the humans of Earth. If a Servitor was severed, the severed pieces would form new Servitors. The servitors were also able to function outside of the Walkers bodies as well, they were used to bore into a planet's core and convert the raw materials so that they could be molded. It is unknown if the Walker will ever seen again.

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