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Marvel Universe 

War Wagon


Marvel Universe

Gamma Base, New Mexico

Scientists, Glenn Talbot


Points of Interest
Colonel Glenn Talbot proposed the War Wagon

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #257 (1981)

Unaccounted spending led the government to stop funding Gamma Base and led to it’s dismantling. But unknown to Congress the secret spending was to fund the production of the War Wagon, a large golden hovering warship. Without the permission of the US Army, Colonel Talbot took the War Wagon to hunt down Hulk. Using onboard gamma tracking devices the War Wagon followed Hulk through the U.S.S.R. and into Japan. On Mt. Kuroishi, an inactive volcano, the War Wagon confronted Hulk. It attacked using napalm missiles then defended itself from Hulk’s retaliation with sonic pulsations. Finding “brain” to be too cautious Colonel Talbot donned the Encephalo-Helmet and attacked the Hulk. Enraged by a barrage of cluster bombs the Hulk dove at the War Wagon hoping to tear it apart but instead met the ship’s electrically-charged defensive shields temporarily disabling his motor functions. The ships flame throwers scorched the mountainside searching for signs of the Hulk. The volcano below reacted to the War Wagon’s attacks and became unstable. The Hulk trying to stop a sonic attack dove at the War Wagon again, this time the Hulk broke through the ship’s defenses and hit the hull. Feeling the pain of the attack Glenn angered the Hulk more until he struck the side of the volcano with his giant fist. The strike released a flow of lava that poured onto the War Wagon causing extreme pain to Talbot until he died. With the commander no more the War Wagon crashed.