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Marvel Universe 

War of Kings


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Blastaar, Black Bolt, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Kree, Nova, Shi'ar, Starjammers, Vulcan

After the devastating Secret Invasion of Earth by disgruntle and deceitful alien Skrulls, the once passive Inhumans decided to change their disposition on life and take a more aggressive stance in the universe by punishing the Skrulls for kidnapping and torturing their king Black Bolt. While chasing a Skrull craft the Inhuman's destroyed a Shi'ar ship enraging the power hungry mutant Emperor Vulcan. The Inhumans established themselves as rulers of the heralded Kree Empire, by quickly wresting control of the Kree Empire from Ronan the Accuser. Their action caused an uproar amongst proud Kree people. Ronan and Black Bolt devised a plan that would present a unified alliance of the Kree and Inhumans.

Vulcan saw this as an opportunity to annex the Kree Empire while it was in a state of upheaval. During the symbolic wedding of the Inhuman’s princess Crystal and Ronan the Accuser, Vulcan unleashed the Imperial Guard in a callous first strike, sending his war fleets to invade Kree space. Vulcan's tyrannical rule of the Shi’ar, caused a sever rift in the ranks of the Empire. Lilandra retained a strong following although she had been stripped from her position by Vulcan. The Imperial Guard remained loyal to the throne regardless of who sat on it. Vulcan thought it would be to his benefit if he broke Lilandra's spirit in front her followers, thus dissolving any chance of a new resistance forming in her death. Lilandra sought the assistance from space pirates known as the Starjammers, led by Alex Summers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy were assembled after the two catastrophic Annihilation events, due to the Universe being left in such a fragile state. They were guided by the mystical insight of the newly returned Adam Warlock, the gun-slinging Star-Lord, forged a proactive team of proven cosmic champions ready to protect the vulnerable Universe from large scale disasters from ever happening. The other team members were Gamora,Drax the Destroyer, Mantis, and Rocket Raccoon. While searching for their dead teammate Moondragon, Drax and Phyla received portent warnings of the approaching calamity that would be caused by this Shi’ar and Inhuman war.

Star-Lord reformed his recently fractured team in time to face the crisis. New additions to the team were earth-man and former vigilante Jack Flag, the resurrected Moondragon and Martyr, Phyla-Vell’s new morbid alter ego. They broke into two groups hoping to talk the two cosmic powers into coming to a peaceful resolution, so that their conflict would not damage the fabric of the universe any further. The Inhumans were not willing to listen to Star-Lord and his team that traveled to Kreelar. Unwilling to accept no as an answer Martyr took Crystal hostage in an attempt to get a hostile surrender from the Inhumans. Rocket Raccoon led the other team to face Emperor Vulcan, although his team was separated during teleportation, due to Vulcan's ship being teleport-shielded, however being a being of quantum magic Adam Warlock passed through the shield and confront Vulcan alone. Warlock would emerge from the battle unscathed, but the Imperial Guardsman's magic user, Magique would leave a witch mark tracer upon his body.

Both attempts failed, the Inhumans were enraged by the actions of Martyr and Warlock's confrontation with Vulcan left a sour taste in mouths of the Shi'ar, used the the witch mark to hunt down Warlock. Rocket Raccoon, Major Victory, Drax, and Groot remained missing in action. The Guardians managed to regroup at their headquarters on Knowhere, only to have the combined fraction of both the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and the New Inhuman Elite led by Black Bolt himself invade their headquarters. During this cosmic melee Warlock took the life of Magique, but it appeared that the Guardians were about to meet there end, but they gained and unsuspecting ally in Starhawk along with the return with the teams missing members.

Reeling from this savage attack, and the death of many Kree colony worlds by Nega-Bombs, the Inhumans realized that they must overcome the Shi'ar before any of their schemes of destiny could be achieved. The tides of the war shifted dramatically when a rescue mission to save Lilandra, the exiled Shi'ar empress, ended with Gladiator, praetor of the Imperial Guard, betraying his allegiances to Vulcan. This brave effort, ended tragically Liladra's assassination by the hands of the Raptor, Talon posing as Darkhawk (Christopher Powell). News of her death forced Black Bolt to enact his ultimate contingency plan, the T-Bomb. This was a weapon powered by his voice, the device was designed by his brother Maximus to spread a shock-wave of terrigen out through the galaxy. Terrigen, is rare and precious, it is the transmuting property that gives the Inhumans their powers. He believed that if he transformed all the beings within the galaxy into Inhumans then there would be no more wars. The result of the weapons detonation would end his life, which was a sacrifice that he was willing to make. However, he had no way of knowing that the detonation would cause damage to the very fabric of the universe, which is what the Guardians were trying to prevent.

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