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Marvel Universe 

Wild Worms



First Appearance
Rocket Raccoon #3 (1985)

Home World

Technology Level
Unrevealed, if any


Physical Description
Worm-like with saddles

Little is known about this strange species on Halfworld, except for the fact they are large worm-like creatures that dwell in underground caverns and have somehow been saddled to accept riders. The Wild Worms appear docile, but the reason they obtained their name is because the saddles on their backs straddle their pleasure centers, and they get such a thrill from carrying passengers, they go wild. They can find their way in total darkness, and can be seemingly be steered to where the rider wants to go, demonstrated when Blackjack O'Hare had the Wild Worms carry him and Rocket Raccoon to safety. It is yet unrevealed how far or how deep their caverns go, but it can be presumed the Wild Worms have burrowed under most, if not all, of Halfworld.

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