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Marvel Universe 

Wonder Toy


Marvel Universe


The robots of Halfworld using the information in Gideon's Bible

the humans of Halfworld

The Loonies of Halfworld suffered for generations with mental instability until the day Rocket Raccoon and Uncle Pyko discovered a potential cure within Gideon's Bible. The book was given to the robots, which made toys to keep the Loonies entertained for years, and now it was time to see what they would create using the knowledge inside the bible. What was produced looked like a spaceman's helmet with dials on the side, but when placed upon a Loony's head, the human inside would be able to manipulate his/her mind, using the dials, until the brain was restored and the madness was cured. A Wonder Toy was given to each and every Loony on Halfworld until all were healed.

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