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Marvel Universe 

World War Hulk


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Avengers, Black Bolt, Amadeus Cho, Doc Samson, Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four, Hulk, Illuminati, Iron Man (Anthony Stark), Rick Jones, Kronans, Mister Fantastic, Professor X, She-Hulk, Sub-Mariner, X-Men

Key_issues: Incredible Hulk #107-110 (2007), World War Hulk: Prologue World Breaker #1 (2007), World War Hulk #1-5 (2007)

Tie-ins: Avengers: Initiative #4-5 (2007), Ghost Rider #12-13 (2007), Heroes For Hire #11-15 (2007), Iron Man, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #19-20 (2007), Irredeemable Ant-Man #10 (2007), Punisher War Journal #12 (2007), World War Hulk:Front Line #1-6 (2007), World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1-4 (2007), World War Hulk: X-Men #1-3 (2007)

When the Illuminati sent the Hulk to the planet Sakaar, his anger fueled his desire to survive and return to Earth and seek revenge. Eventually he learned to enjoy his time on Sakaar and bonded with those whom he would call friends, even making a sacred pact with them as Warbound. Leading a rebellion against the Red King’s army, the Hulk overthrows the Red King as ruler of Sakaar. Taking Caiera as his queen, the Hulk finally finds acceptance and is at peace. That is until the warp core of the spaceship that brought the Hulk to Sakaar explodes, nearly destroying the entire planet and killing his queen and their unborn child. Distraught with no fight left in him, the Hulk is ready to give up all hope. That is until the Warbound remind him that he has something to live for… vengeance! Now on his way back to Earth the Hulk prepares for war with the planet he once called home and nothing will stop him from seeking revenge on those that murdered his family. Filled with anger, Hulk only has two classic words on his mind intended for the "Illuminati"… Hulk SMASH!