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Marvel Universe

Wraithworld is located in a region of space known as the Dark Nebula.

The “Big Bang”

Dire Wraiths

Points of Interest
The Black Sun which is the source of the Dire Wraiths' dark sorcery.

First Appearance
Rom #1 (1979)

Wraithworld is located within a region of space known as the Dark Nebula, and it is home to the Dire Wraiths - an evolutionary off-shoot of the alien shape-shifters known as the Skrulls. Wraithworld orbits a Black Sun, which radiated mystical energies that fueled the Wraiths’ dark sorcery. Over two hundred years ago the peaceful Galadorians traveled into the Dark Nebula only to be attacked by the Wraiths, and these actions caused the Galadorians to select volunteers to be merged into cyborg-like weapons of war known as Spaceknights. In an attempt to better understand the Wraiths’ sorcery Gloriole posed as a renegade and allied himself to the Wraith’s cause, luring the great Spaceknight, Rom, into an ambush. After Gloriole learned that the Wraiths planned to ship Rom to the Dark Nebula for study, Gloriole freed Rom at the cost of his own life. Rom pursued a Wraith Cruiser to Wraithworld; where he banished everything in sight. Rom would later plead with the “World Devourer” to spare the planet of Galador and in return, Rom and the Spaceknights would lead Galactus to the Dark Nebula, where he could feast on Wraithworld instead. However, as Rom had suspected, Wraithworld proved to be unpalatable and too much, even for one as powerful as Galactus.

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