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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Home World
Xandar Cluster (formerly Xandar), Tranta system

Technology Level
Advanced, with warp-drive starships, robots, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, energy weaponry, phase tube transportation technology, and Stargate transportation technology

Constitutional monarchy

Physical Description

The peaceful Xandarians lived on the planet Xandar for millennia until it exploded into shards during an attack by the Luphomoids. But Xandarian civilization survived within the Xandar Cluster, an interconnected field of asteroids that housed the surviving domed cities of what was once the planet of Xandar. The Xandarians weathered other devastating attacks over the years, including failed Skrull invasion and near-catastrophic attack of the space pirate Nebula, but it was not until the onslaught of the Annihilation Wave that the Xandar Cluster was entirely destroyed, along most of its Nova Corps militia.

Contributors: Wezqu, MutantswillPrevail and Ohitsme

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