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Marvel Universe 

Young Masters


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Invisible Mansion, unrevealed location; formerly Central Park, New York, USA

First Appearance
Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1 (2009)

Inspired after meeting Norman Osborn, the mysterious Coat of Arms assembled the Young Masters under the moniker of the Young Avengers. The heroes already associated with that name confronted their counterparts, challenging their rights to the name. Coming to a compromise, the Young Avengers held try outs, hoping to combine both teams. Egghead, Big Zero and Executioner (Daniel DuBois) were deemed too violent and were not asked to join. Coat of Arms and the Enchantress (Sylvie Lushton) were welcomed; at least until the Young Avengers discovered the Enchantress' true origins. Melter (Christopher Colchiss) was to continue leading his team and act as a liaison between the groups, but insulted he was denied membership, Melter contacted Osborn and set a trap for the Young Avengers. Osborn showed with his Avengers, and a battle ensued. The Young Avengers fought against overwhelming odds, and once Osborn unleashed the Sentry (Robert Reynolds), the youths knew they were outgunned. Wiccan convinced Enchantress and Coat of Arms to magically remove Sentry from the area, and then Enchantress transported her allies away. It has yet to be decided which path the Young Masters choose to follow.

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