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Marvel Universe 

Yukon Jack


Yukotujakzurjimozoata is the heir apparent to the ancient, secret civilization in the village of Kemteron. His father, Makkamakkamaktsptoo, has occupied the throne of their people for several thousand years, but is not much longer for this world, and predicts the throne will fall to Yukotujakzurjimozoata. When Walter Langkowski was drafting new members for an Alpha Flight Strike force, he approached Yukotujakzurjimozoata. He turned down the request, stating he cares nothing for the world outside of his village. Langkowski, however, was in a desperate situation, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Langkowski paid Makkamakkamaktsptoo a large sum of money to drug his own son, claiming he would benefit from some exposure to the outside world, and that it would help him to "grow up". Langkowski has code-named Yukotujakzurjimozoata, "Yukon Jack."

With the rest of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight, Yukon Jack aimed to rescue the original members of the team from their imprisonment in the Plodex ship. This mission was successful, and the original members of Alpha Flight decided to transport the Plodex eggs that had been discovered back to the Plodex home world. Yukon Jack stayed on as a member of Langkowski's new Alpha Flight.

After a series of blunders attempting to alter the past, a temporally displaced copy of the original Alpha Flight was brought into the present. It was revealed that Jack would eventually divorced his previous wives and marry the copy of Snowbird, with whom he'd reign in Kemteron. It was later revealed that Yukon Jack's neurological system was damaged as a result of the time travel. Walter tried to help him prior to the formation of Omega Flight III but to no avail. It's unknown if the copy of Snowbird even still exists as the other copies seem to be no longer active. [edit] Powers/Abilities

Yukon Jack's powers were never fully explained. His people who are extremely long-lived believe themselves to be demi-gods. He has even been shown to be immune to temperature changes, but the full extent of his power and abilities were never stated. Bone Claw: Yukon Jack's most powerful attack, lethal when used. He is able lift bone protrusions on his chest and shoulder as bone fragments and propel them as long razor bone claws. He can manipulate them and direct the course of the attacks without physically touching them. They appear to be a long row of individual bone pieces that are linked together mystically. They are strong enough to destroy an army of Box bots with relative ease. These claws sliced through metal with little effort. With this power, he seemingly killed Omega Flight (while altering the past) on his own: (Flashback, Diamond Lil, Wild Child, Smart Alec, Box). Being able to kill Diamond Lil implies the bones are strong enough to cut diamond. They very well may be mystical in nature, as Yukon Jack often referred to himself as a demi-god, but that was never confirmed.

Bone Knife: Yukon Jack is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter and often fights with his bone knife that has been shown to cut through metal. It's a very strong and durable blade.

Durability: Yukon possesses enhanced durability, the exact level has yet to be stated.

Fighting Skills: Going along with his superhuman agility, Jack is a master of a single form of combat, making him greatly skilled in hand to hand combat.

Strength: Yukon possesses superhuman strength in the range of 800 lbs-25 tons. The exact limit has never been stated

Light Generation: Yukon Jack has the power to emit light from his hand, much the same way Northstar and Aurora do. It has never been fully explained.