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Marvel Universe

Real Name

The general inhabitants of Earth were unaware of ZZZXX's existence.

Current citizen of the Shi'ar Empire

Place of Birth

First Appearance
X-Men:Kingbreaker #2 (2009)

ZZZXX was a member of an unknown Symbiote race. This monstrosity fed on people by eating their brains. This behavior was different from the other known Symbiotes that bonded to their host in order to survive. ZZZXX was imprisoned on the Shi'ar prison planet of Kr'kn to be studied by D'Ken Neramani, but after his death the Symbiote just remained locked away. After the psychopathic mutant Vulcan took control of the Shi'ar, he ordered Imperial Guardsmen, Oracle and Nightside to compose his a list of prisoners on the planet, so that he could assure that his Guard was loyal only to him.

The list also included an unnamed survivor of the Uncreated invasion of the Shi'ar. It somehow survived the mass suicide caused by the Starjammers, using mirror-throwers to create a sensor-fooling construct of their dead god. Fooled, the insanely terrified Uncreated exploded their ships rather than confront the idea they were still inferior to their creator.
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ZZZXX in possession of Raza
Pn’zo appears to be an android being of some kind. Pn'zo was captured by the Shi'ar while attempting to rob a bank. Hodinn once served on the Guard before Cassandra Nova, although it seems that now, it only wants to burn. Xenith of the Strontian race was once heroic warrior, and now she only sought to bring vengeance down upon the head of her cousin Kallark.

Their first mission was to kill Vulcan's brother Havok and the Starjammers. ZZZXX and his fellow teammates failed their first mission. Although the next time he face the Starjammers he managed to consume Raza.

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