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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Silver Surfer #1 (1968)

Home World

Technology Level
Zenn-Lavians were a highly advanced technological race.


Physical Description
Zenn-Lavians have the normal humanoid form, with two eyes, and two ears, a nose and mouth. They have two arms with hands containing four fingers and an opposable thumb.

The Zenn-Lavians were a peaceful race that resided on the planet of Zenn-La. A utopian paradise, they developed sciences that eliminated all forms of disease. The Zenn-Lavians also created a social structure which eliminated poverty, and hardship from their people. However, their great accomplishments may have been their greatest curse, because Zenn-La was the first planet selected by Galactus to provide him sustenance for his relentless hunger. Galactus spared Zenn-La, due to the unselfish plea of Norrin Radd's to become his herald the Silver Surfer and help him locate other planets to provide him nourishment.

Contributors: Ohitsme and Acotilletta2

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