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Marvel Universe 

Zodiac's Gang


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
An abandoned Hydra airship in McKeesport, Pennsylvania

First Appearance
Dark Reign: Zodiac #1 (2009)

The psychopathic Zodiac assembled a crew of murderers and misfits to spread chaos and destruction in order to steal the Zodiac Key. He allegedly killed the previous cartel known as theZodiac and decorated his base with their heads. His one true confidant was Death Reaper; the only member of the gang to share both his plans and his bed. Manslaughter Marsdale was completely loyal to Zodiac, claiming the madman revived him from a coma; not knowing Zodiac was the person who rendered him comatose. Whirlwind, in his civilian identity, was placed as a mole inside H.A.M.M.E.R. as Norman Osborn's driver. The last recruit was a copycat killer going by the name of Clown. Even Frightful Four member, Trapster, was temporarily hired. Zodiac terrorized Osborn, feeling that a man with Osborn's past now placed in a position of power and authority over others, was an offense to him as a criminal. Using Red Ronin to cause panic and chaos in New York, Zodiac's gang pursued personal vendettas, but ultimately initiated enough distractions so Zodiac could obtain the Key.

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