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Marvel Universe 

"Bar With No Name"


Marvel Universe

Scourge's: Medina County, Ohio; Others: Unrevealed



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First Appearance
Captain America #319 (1986)

The "Bar With No Name" is an illegal floating hideout that accommodates those that live outside the law in the super-villain community. There isn't just one location where this bar is found, but rather several in many regions throughout the country. Probably the most infamous event that took place within the bar was the mass murder of eighteen super-villains committed by the Scourge of the Underworld, who disguised himself as the bartender. Most recently, a newcomer simply calling himself Bookie was placing wagers with many as to what was inside a mysterious chrysalis that appeared overnight in an alley in Manhattan and what time it would open. The cocoon hatched, and the villain called Freak emerged.

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