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Marvel Universe 

"Hulked-Out Heroes"

Banner devised a plan to storm the Hellcarrier in a two-pronged attack to throw the Intelligencia off-balance. He was to take Skaar, and a few others including A-Bomb, to rescue the prisoners while Red Hulk was to ensure the Intelligencia's plan failed by destroying the equipment vital to its success.



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Red Hulk was expected and the Intelligencia commanded the Gammadroid and Cosmic Hulk to take him down. Instead of preventing his former allies from unleashing their master stroke, Red Hulk became a part of it as they siphoned off much of his energy to create an army of Hulks. He brought Deadpool as his backup plan, who saved him before they completely drained him, but Deadpool was immersed in a gamma bath transforming him into Hulkpool. To make matters worse, several others of Earth's heroes that accompanied Red Hulk were also turned into "Hulked-Out" versions of themselves.

Just as Hulk hated his alter-ego of Banner, Hulkpool despised Deadpool and wanted to kill him. Hulkpool found his old friend, Bob, to aid him in his mad quest, and they traveled to a time machine stolen from Doctor Doom by Red Hulk and Thundra. Knowing better than to argue with an individual who could crush him into nothing, Bob operated the machinery while Hulkpool surfed the timestream in search of his prey. Bob was unfamiliar with the equipment and Hulkpool was sent on various adventures before finding Deadpool, creating an alternate universe. He did fulfill his desire and killed the Deadpool within this universe, and Bob brought him back to his own time. Hulkpool left Bob to find the Red Hulk, but it can be assumed when Banner siphoned off the gamma radiation used to create the army of Hulks, Hulkpool was reverted back to Deadpool.

Thor vs Spider-Man

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Elsewhere, another tremendous battle was taking place between Thor Hulk and Spider-Thing. Thor wanted to use his might to defend the nation's capitol from the army of A.I.M. Hulks, but Spider-Thing wanted to visit the museum and read. Memories from both their pasts resurfaced sparking the decisions they made, but their memories reminded them of things that made them angry too. His irritation building, and overpowered by his more savage instincts, Spider-Thing was the first to attack. Thor was not about to bested by a mortal and unleashed the full fury of the lightning at his command. Spider-Thing was down, and Thor moved in to deliver the final blow.

In his irradiated state, Thor forgot who he was and what it meant to be the son of Odin. His enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, found him unworthy and would not let him strike Spider-Thing. The commotion drew the attention of the Hulk army outside, and they entered the museum. Once inside, they started tearing up the place, and Spider-Thing could not sit idly by and allow that to happen. He did his best to keep the Hulks at bay, but he was overwhelmed. Thor calmed himself enough to remember a promise made to his father to always be worthy of being his son, and Mjolnir was his to command once more. Thor rushed to Spider-Thing's side, and together they drove their enemies back outside and continued their brawl in the street.

Captain America vs Wolverine

Meantime, Captain America (James Barnes) and Wolverine were also negatively affected by the gamma radiation, and they were reliving a tale from their past when Wolverine knew Bucky as Winter Soldier. Although respecting Bucky for time served as the sidekick of Captain America during the war, Wolverine was a victim of Winter Soldier's cruel and ruthless brainwashing, suffering brutal tortures at Bucky's command. Wolverine struggled against the effects of the radiation due to his healing factor, but the more time spent as a Hulk forced him to give in to his rage, and he was determined to get revenge.

Bucky fought as hard as he could, but it didn't matter. The suffering inflicted on Wolverine while he stood by and watched gave Wolverine all the motivation he needed to keep his advantage. There was a time Wolverine admitted Winter Soldier was probably one of the only men who could actually kill him, but it wouldn't be as a mindless Hulk. Just as in the past, Wolverine triumphed over his enemy, but he did not give in to his anger. Instead of killing Bucky, he left him in the street trussed up and humiliated.

Cyclops vs Iceman

Suppressed memories plagued Iceman and Cyclops too, and as Icehulk and Hulklops, each was determined to make the other see their point of view – even if they had to beat it into each other. The fight between these two X-Men seemed as if it could go on forever until Hulklops became bored with it and walked away, leaving Icehulk by himself. There was no clear winner, but it was certain these two would never see eye-to-eye.

Battle Royal

Other "Hulked-Out Heroes" engaged in combat with one another were Monica Rambeau, No-Thing, Ms. Marvel, Hulk-Machine and the Hulking Torch seemingly for no reason at all.

Just as with Hulkpool, when Banner took back the deadly gamma radiation responsible for all the Hulks running around, each of these heroes was returned to their former state.