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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Chon Li



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Night Thrasher #3 (1993)

Little is known about Aardwolf’s past except that he runs his own crime ring in Madripoor. Aardwolf prefers to run things behind the scenes but has been shown to get his hands dirty. Much like the animal he is named after, Aardwolf shares the same features. He once captured Night Thrasher through deceit and held him prisoner in his hotel suite. Believing that Midnight's Fire was planning to overthrow his empire, Aardwolf talked Night into helping him get rid of the Folding Circle. Night Thrasher breaking free of his bonds attacked Aardwolf, who allowed him to put his armor back on as a sign of trust. Aardwolf told Dwayne that Silhouette was still working with the Concrete Dragons and when he wouldn’t listen Aardwolf showed Thrash tapes confirming what he had said. Enraged Night Thrasher once again engaged him in battle but was losing until he outsmarted the crime boss sending him off a balcony. Landing underneath Thrasher, Aardwolf became unconscious. After they had landed the Folding Circle confronted them and asked for Aardwolf. Seeing Sil on the opposite team Dwayne attacked giving enough time for Aardwolf to flee the scene. Seeking the help of Tyger Tiger, Aardwolf ran to her only to be betrayed. The Folding Circle lay in wait and ambushed him defeating him easily. Bound and gagged, Aardwolf was thrown into the ocean but was saved by Thrash. Together Silhouette, Night Thrasher and Aardwolf held off the members of the Folding Circle until an agreement was struck. The feuding crime bosses got to keep their territory and Night Thrasher and Sil were no longer part of the fight.














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