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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name
Rana Philips




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #601 (2009)

Incredible Hulk #604 (2009)

Fiery rage matched with super strength was a lethal combination for this member of Gamma Corps: Black. Aberration was given her powers from one of the deadliest foes the Hulk has ever faced. The DNA of the Abomination was used to alter her from a normal human to a superhuman powerhouse intent on reaping destruction with or without orders from her commander, General Ryker.

Her first outing put her and her teammates, Axon and Morass, against the jade giantess from an alternate future, Lyra, and even though Lyra was to be brought back to the Origins Corporation unharmed, Aberration wasn't inclined to oblige. Lyra escaped, but before she did, Aberration seized the primary target, Boudicca – a sentient technological device which stole information belonging to Norman Osborn – to bring back to her masters.

After Morass had been severely pummeled by Lyra, Aberration and Axon were on the run. Lyra was clearly toying with them, waiting for opportune moment to strike, and dehydration was taking its toll on Aberration. That coupled with the constant taunting by Boudicca and having some of her energy drained by her depleted partner, Aberration was in bad shape until she noticed a nearby town. Storming a convenience store after mauling a few bikers, Aberration drank until her strength was restored. Using the remaining townspeople as bait, Aberration lured Lyra out into the open, but Lyra insisted Aberration allow the innocents to leave because she would kill Aberration and Axon no matter what.

Aberration was no stranger to torturing or even taking lives. When Rana Philips was purely human, and a part of the U.S. Army assigned to Abu Fasaud Central Prison, she took part in the abuse of prisoners there. Her supposed fiancé, Sergeant Jeffrey Ivey, who was also involved, was shot dead by her hand after telling Philips he was leaving her for another woman. She was sentenced to death, but General Ryker had other plans for her. However, he wasn't completely truthful with Philips either – which she found out during her battle with Lyra. Lyra threw Aberration into a fuel pump which caused a hideous mutation when Aberration's body tried to replace all the damaged tissue. Cancerous growths deformed her shape and size – even adding extra appendages – but Aberration wouldn't have enough time to wallow in misery as Lyra drove a large metal pole through her brain.

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