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Marvel Universe

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Angel of Death



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Uncanny X-Men Annual #16

Nothing is known of the history or nature of the enigmatic woman known as Amalgam, though at a glance she appears as an alternate future version of Rogue of the X-Men. Amalgam wears a variant of Rogue's original costume; has a light streak in the same place in her hair; and can absorb the minds and powers of other mutants with a touch. It is this last ability that seems to be key to her quest - to collect the powers and memories of dying mutants so a part of them can continue to fight for mutantkind within her. It appears that Amalgam travels the time stream offering mutants 'The Choice'. Among those who have apparently accepted Amalgam's offer include alternate future counterparts of Cyclops (who died in a Sentinel attack), Beast, Nightcrawler, Mystique, and Destiny.

Amalgam has appeared twice to Archangel of the X-Men. The first time was when Angel was impaled to a wall by the Marauders during the so-called "Morlock Massacre." Apparently, Amalgam had already offered 'The Choice' to many of the dying Morlocks when she found Warren. She explained her purpose to him, but it took her assuming the appearances and personalities of his X-Factor teammates Cyclops and the Beast (both in their appearances/costumes of the time) for him to agree to being absorbed into Amalgam. She kissed him, but was unable to absorb him because something deep within fought her. Scanning the future, she discovered that he was not yet fated to die, but instead to become Archangel, and left him to be found by his friends. Warren wrote off the encounter as a hallucination induced by the pain he was suffering.

Amalgam then reappeared to Warren years later when he was injured preventing a group of terrorists from stealing nuclear materials. After Warren awoke in hospital, his fellow X-Men informed him that the terrorists claimed an 'Angel of Death' had appeared to their dying leader, and that this 'Angel' was a mutant with the abilities to accurately calculate the likelihood of future events.

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