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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name


No dual identity


Place of Birth
Planet Xantar, Xantares star system, Milky Way galaxy

First Appearance
Tales to Astonish #73 (1965)

Engineered and extensively trained off-world, Qnax is the product of centuries of selective breeding by the Grand Xandarean Council of Elders, intended to be the greatest warrior in the known galaxies. The Council sent Qnax to Watcherworld (home of the cosmic Watchers) to obtain the Ultimate Machine, which accessed the accumulated knowledge of the universe. There he was bested by the Hulk (sent by the Leader to obtain the Machine), who tossed him into orbit. Uatu The Watcher transported Qnax back to Xantares, which had descended into chaos during his years-long journey. The Council told Qnax they had hoped the Machine could restore order to their world. When he questioned them, they branded him a heretic, and exiled him from Xantar.

Further honing his skills on various worlds, Qnax (now the Amphibion) was recruited by Empress Daydra of the Sagittarians and sent alongside Torgo of Mekka and the Dark-Crawler to stop the Abomination, servant of the world-consuming Galaxy Master. Defeated, the trio were dispatched to Earth as the Hulk-Hunters to recruit the Hulk's aid. Spiteful over his past defeat, Qnax repeatedly goaded the Hulk into combat, but the Hulk bested him again, as did the Abomination. Ultimately, the Hulk defeated both the Galaxy Master and the Abomination.

Eventually learning humility, Qnax returned to Earth and recruited the Hulk to obtain the Ultimate Machine, hoping to regain the Council's favor and return to his family. Rebuilding the Leader's micromolecular transporter, they beamed to Watcherworld, only to be deflected to the world of the normally benevolent worm-like Bidoceros race. Driven to violent madness by psionic feedback from Watcherworld, the Bidoceros sent Qnax and the Hulk to Watcherworld. The barrier around the world warped time, causing weeks to pass during Qnax's journey. Soon after his arrival, the Bidiceros-unable to stand the psychic torment-attacked Watcherworld. Finding the lamentations of the widower Xecu The Watcher to be the cause of the feedback, Qnax and the Hulk convinced him to transport Watcherworld away, as well as to allow them access to the Ultimate Machine. Within the Machine, Qnax learned that the Council had sought the Machine not for order, but for power. Xecu returned Qnax to Xantar, where he vowed to be a true hero for his people, free from the Council's yoke.

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