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Real NameEdward BrockCurrent AliasAnti-Venom

AliasesEddie, Edwin Brock, Venom



AffiliationSinister Six(formerly), Incredible Sinister Six.

RelativesMary Brock (sister), Ann Weying (ex-wife, deceased), Carl Brock (father), Janine Brock (mother, deceased), Carnage (son), Agony (daughter), Toxin (grandson), Hybrid (children), Riot (son), Scream (daughter), Lasher (son), Phage (son)


Base Of OperationsNew York, New York

Characteristics GenderMale

Height6'3"(6'10") with the symbiote

Weight260 lbs(356 Lbs) with the symbiote


HairReddish Blond Status CitizenshipAmerican

Marital StatusSingle

OccupationFormer journalist for the Daily Globe Origin OriginDuring the Secret Wars on Battleworld, Spider-Man came into possession of a black costume when his red-and-blue costume was shredded in battle. It would later be revealed that this black costume was in fact an alien symbiote. Grafting itself onto its new host, the symbiote returned with Spider-Man to Earth. From there, it was separated via a sonic blast by Reed Richards in order to free Spider-Man from the costume, which had all but taken over his mind and life. Escaping from the containment cell constructed by Richards, the symbiote slithered away through the drain and found a willing host in Eddie Brock.

Place of BirthNew York, New York

CreatorsTodd MacFarlane

First appearance (as alien costume) Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8, (obscured) Web of Spider-Man #18, (full appearance) Amazing Spider-Man#299