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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Anpu (Egyptian translation; Anubis is the Greek translation of his name)

Lord of Death and Rebirth, the Guardian of the Veil


Celestial Heliopolis

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Son of Satan #5 (1976)

Anubis was a member of a race of superhumans known as the Egyptian Gods of Heliopolis. He was known as "The Guardian of the Veil" and was the patron god of funerary rites and the passage of souls. He acted as a guide to the souls passing into the underworld and was the protector and advocate of lost souls, being the ruler of the underworld. During a clash of the Egyptians gods, Seth replaced Osiris as ruler of the dead. Seth had became discontent with that role and overthrew Osiris who had replaced Ammon Ra as ruler of heaven. Seth then imprisoned Osiris and all the Egyptian gods, possibly keeping Anubis' mortal form in a preserved state within a pyramid for a millennium as well. The pyramid would later appear in the Twentieth Century. At that time the Asgardian Gods clashed with Seth to free them. The ancient gods of Egypt then proclaimed Odin the reincarnation of their common ancestor Atum Ra.

Thousands of years ago, the soul of an unidentified man had been placed in Anubis’ care. The soul was kept in a bronze idol within in his death realm. At some point the soul escaped an assumed the bodies of other men and women allowing it to elude the ancient death god. Anubis still in a ghost like form empowered the mortal Silas Warden, with great power so that he could capture the wandering soul, Warden became Mindstar. The loyal Mindstar track the soul to a young mortal man known as Michael Taine, a student of District University. Mindstar’s attack on the Taine was so vicious that took the life of the young man, once again allowing the soul to escape. Overcome by the fear of his failure Mindstar embedded Taine’s body into a wall in the form of an Egyptian ankh. Mindstar later lied to Anubis, convincing him that the soul he sought was the soul of the Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstorm.

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