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Marvel Universe 

Atom-Smasher (Michael English)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Michael English




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Marvel Two-In-One #85 (1982)

Marvel Two-In-One #85 (1982)

A rash of industrial robberies attracted the attention of Spider-Woman, but when she started to take down each of the criminals responsible, Atom-Smasher took her by surprise and rendered her unconscious with a radioactive blast. As she was coming to, Spider-Woman heard one of them mention their next target, and she decided to hunt them down.

The site of the next robbery was to take place at Stark Industries' Los Angeles plant. What Atom-Smasher couldn't have known was the Thing was in town accompanying his dying friend, Bill Foster, back home. Foster used to be an employee of Tony Stark and was visiting some old friends before his death. Thing stumbled upon the Atom-Smasher's men, but as in the fight with Spider-Woman, Atom-Smasher got the drop on Thing and blasted him senseless. Atom-Smasher escaped for a second time.

Atom-Smasher was finally successful in creating his ultimate weapon, The Neutralode – a device he would use to make the nations of the world tremble before him. Unfortunately for him, Foster, a genius in his own right, developed an item to track Atom-Smasher's unique form of radiation. Together with the Thing and Spider-Woman, Foster set out to stop the fiend. Atom-Smasher and his cohorts proved ineffective against the strongest member of the Fantastic Four, even when deploying the massive Robotrons to challenge him, and Spider-Woman had built up an immunity to Atom-Smasher's attacks making it virtually impossible for him to harm her. Still, it was Foster himself who stopped Atom-Smasher by resuming his role as Giant-Man – possibly for the last time.

Atom-Smasher revealed it was his brother and not him who initially faced Foster as Black Goliath. He told Giant-Man he wanted the power for himself, so he hired a professional assassin to kill the original, claiming he didn't use the power to its fullest potential. In his rage, Atom-Smasher failed to notice his Neutralode was damaged when he attempted to use it to defeat his enemies. Foster tried to warn him, but it was too late. The Neutralode exploded, and Atom-Smasher was killed instantly.

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