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Marvel Universe 

Banner, Brian

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The more Brian Banner learned about radiation, the more he feared it. He started drinking to deal with his mounting stress and began to suspect that he had been exposed to trace amounts of radiation. Fearing it had altered his genetic structure, he was horrified to learn that his wife Rebecca was pregnant. She suffered many medical complications and Brian became convinced that his son, Bruce, was some kind of a mutant. Although Bruce seemed a normal, healthy baby, Brian was convinced he would grow up to be a monster. Brian’s paranoia increased when Bruce began to show signs of a gifted intellect. Rebecca tried to defend her son, but Brian took his frustrations out on her and became more abusive. When she decided to leave him, Brian accidently killed her in a fit of anger. Brian Banner had an explosive temper and often lashed out at anyone who annoyed him. Young Bruce often watched in helpless horror as his father stuck his mother. He prayed that one day he’d be strong enough to protect her. Brian Banner was eventually convicted of manslaughter and sent to a mental institution. By: Tom DeFalco [6/5/09]