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Marvel Universe 

Beta Ray Bill

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Beta Ray Bill

Simon Walters, Beta Ray Thor


None; former citizen of New Korbin and honorary citizen of Asgard

Place of Birth
Planet Korbin

First Appearance
Thor #337

Thor #337

The Burning Galaxy was destroyed through the machinations of the Asgardian demon known as Surtur. The surviving populace of the galaxy, known as Korbinites, decided they would choose a champion who could lead them to their new home. The Korbinite known as Beta Ray Bill was chosen to be this chamption and through an excruciating genetic altering process (which combined his own DNA with that of fierce beasts) was transformed into a cybernetic being resembling a fierce creature. Pleased with their creation, the Korbinites amassed their fleet, placed themselves into stasis, and followed Beta Ray Bill's ship, Skuttlebutt to their new home. Bill was left to fight legions of demons sent by Surtur and guide the fleet to safety.

As the fleet approached the Milky Way galaxy, it was detected by a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite. Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate. Thor was deemed a threat by Skuttlebutt after the Asgardian ripped through the ships hull. For "attacking" his ship Beta Ray Bill engaged Thor in battle. During the fight, Thor's hammer Mjolnir was knocked from the God's hand. Thor reverted to his human state, aka. alter ego Donald Blake. And Mjolnir reverted into Donald Blake's cane. Curious, Beta Ray Bill picked up the cane and examined it. He then struck it against Skuttlebutt's hull and, being deemed worthy to wield its power, the cane became Mjolnir granting Beta Ray Bill the powers of Thor.

It wasn then that "Thor" was summoned to Asgard by Odin and both Donald Blake and Beta Ray Bill (who was still holding the hammer) were instantly transported before Odin. Odin was confused. Thor had lost his hammer and a stranger, dressed in Thor's clothing, stood before him. Odin demanded the hammer be given back to Thor. But, Beta Ray Bill argued the hammer should remain with him as he had won it fairly in battle and he needed it to defend the Korbinites.

Odin subsequently decreed the two battle in Skartheim to the death to see who would reclaim the hammer. Beta Ray Bill's Korbinite physiology gave him somewhat of an advantage in the lava-filled realm, and he was able to defeat Thor a second time. However, he refused to take Thor's life. Odin returned Mjolnir to Thor and ordered the creation of another hammer, known as Stormbreaker, for Bill to use. Stormbreaker is equal in power to Mjolnir. Beta Ray Bill used his new powers to continue to protect his people and assist the Asgardians when he was needed. He grew particularly close to Sif, who accompanied him to battle Surtur's demons where she is gravely injured.

At one point, a mysterious disease seemed to kill the Korbinites, but they were able to be revived. Bill spent time in space as part of the Star Masters, and was called to join his fellow hammer wielders Thor, Thunderstrike, and Dargo Ktor to battle as the Thor Corps. His body briefly was reconfigured to use cosmic rather than mystical powers through a special synthesis by Odin and the Silver Surfer.

Years later, long after Bill had found a new home for his people, Ragnarok loomed over Asgard and Bill, drawn by the Asgardian magic in his hammer, returned to fight along side the surviving Asgardians in the final battle, reducing Fenris to a skeleton on his arrival as punishment for threatening a weakened Thor. He fought ferociously, willing to die alongside the Asgardians in the climactic final battle against Surtur's forces. But Thor sent him back to his people, asking him to keep the memory of Asgard alive and to honor his memory. Very reluctantly, Bill went.

Enlarge Image
Beta Ray Bill fighting Stardust

The Korbinites had settled on a new planet, but were in danger due to an approaching foe. Bill was chastised for spending too much time with the Asgardians. His old rival Alpha Ray even attempted to sabotage his efforts to prove he was no longer worthy of being the race's guardian. The foe was actually Galactus, Stormbreaker revealing his familiar humanoid form, with a new herald named Stardust. The planet was lost and some of the fleet was destroyed. Stardust continued to attack Bill as Galactus fed on the planet's energies. During their battle the evil Asteroth was mistakenly freed from its prison by a portal Stardust opened. Asteroth was defeated, and Bill eventually found himself on Earth. He has since bonded with a man named Simon Walters.

Recently Bill in the form of Simon Walters was compelled by magic forces to travel to Canada. There he found the Wrecking Crew running riot in a museum. Seeking to protect the innocent bystanders Simon changed into Beta Ray Bill and fought the magically powered thugs. And due to a recent increase in their powers by a magical entity the battle came to a draw between them. However the new Omega Flight soon came by in order to rescue their teammate Sasquatch who at the time was possessed by the demonic Tanaraq. During the battle hordes of demons rioted throughout the city causing mass chaos. Once the Wrecking Crew and Sasquatch were secured Beta Ray Bill led the demons back into the portal while fellow Omega Flight member Guardian destroyed the portal behind them, closing it. Now trapped within another dimension with hundreds of thousands of demon hordes Beta Ray Bill continues to fight them.