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Marvel Universe 

Brock, Eddie

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Edward Allan Charles Brock

Anti-Venom; Formerly Venom

Known to legal authorities

U.S.A. with a criminal record

Place of Birth
New York City, New York

First Appearance
(The Alien Symbiote)Amazing Spider-Man #252 (1984);(as Eddie Brock,behind the scenes) Web Of Spider-Man #18 (1986);(as Venom,seen) Amazing Spider-man #299 (1988)

Secret Wars #8 (As The Symbiote,1984); Amazing Spider-man #300 (as Venom,1988)

ddie Brock was one time successful journalist for the Daliy Globe but blamed Spider-Man for founding the real Sin-eater

later the Alien Symbiote bonded to Brock to form Venom one of Spider-Man's Greatest Foes now he goes by a new Symbiote called Anti-Venom .



The symbiotes were a conquering race who had no feelings unto themselves. They fed off the emotions of those they conquered and forced them to do spectacular feats in order to feel the adrenaline rush. Eventually, the beings would be sucked dry and left for dead. One symbiote was placed in a prison and condemned to death by disintegration when it was discovered that he focused more on bonding and communicating then on dominating.

When the Beyonder created Battleworld, gathering Earth's heroes and villains together to battle while studying the concept of desire, the crime-fighter known as Spider-Man released the symbiote when his familiar red-and-blue suit was ripped into tatters. Believing he had located an alien clothing generator Spider-Man grabbed the symbiote by mistake, shaped like a little black ball. It instantly slithered over his body, covering him from head to toe. Rather than resembling his red-and-blue costume, it took on the appearance of the garment worn by the new superhuman adventurer on Battleworld Spider-Woman, whom Spider-Man had been admiring. The web-spinner was amazed at the properties of his new suit, but never questioned the mechanisms behind them. For instance, it could mimic any type of clothing whatsoever, making Spider-Man’s need for spare clothing obsolete. It also contained a "dimensional aperture" where he could place his camera, spare change, and other items without adding to the bulk of the costume. The costume was also equipped with its own web-shooter and seemingly contained an unlimited supply of webbing.

Once Spider-Man returned to Earth, the alien costume could not tolerate being separated from its host for long periods of time. At night, when Spider-Man's alter ego, Peter Parker, slept, the symbiote would engulf him and send the somnambulator web-slinging or battling evil. Later, Spider-Man fought the Puma, who perceived that the wall-crawler’s webs were organic. Startled by this revelation, Spider-Man accepted Reed Richards' offer to study the costume. Richards learned that the costume was actually a living alien symbiote, a parasite trying to graft itself permanently to Spider-Man both mentally and physically. Richards succeeded in separating the alien costume from its host by shooting it with a "sonic blaster." He then contained the being in a special environmental cell. But the alien was much more intelligent than anyone perceived. It escaped from its cell and made its way to Peter Parker's closet where it waited, disguised as a spare red-and-blue costume.

Spider-Man unwittingly donned the costume, which immediately made itself apparent. He brought it to the tower at Our Lady of Saints Church gambling the intense sound of its bells would destroy it. Spider-Man lost the gamble, and he succumbed to the bells before the costume did. However, the empathic parasite had preyed upon the emotions of Spider-Man long enough to learn how to feel, and in feeling, to act. Sacrificing itself, the alien costume saved Spider-Man, who assumed it then crawled away to die. Actually, the symbiote, weak and dying, slithered down into the church where Eddie Brock knelled in prayer at the altar. Raised a Catholic, he begged forgiveness for the suicide he was contemplating.

Brock had been a successful columnist for the newly revived Daily Globe until he began writing a series of articles about the "Sin-Eater murders". A bogus offender had confessed to Brock about committing the murders. While protecting the "murderer's" identity under the First Amendment, Brock wrote a series of stories in the Globe detailing his dialogue with the supposed killer, until mounting pressure from the authorities forced him to write an exclusive revealing the murderer's name. Although that edition of the paper sold out immediately, Spider-Man soon revealed the true identity of the Sin-Eater to be Detective Stan Carter, making Brock a laughingstock among his fellow journalists. Fired from the Daily Globe, he was forced to write venomous drivel for scandal newspapers. Brock's wife left him, and his future appeared to be over. Brock blamed his predicament on Spider-Man.

Soon after, Brock began an intense physical workout program hoping to reduce the stress his life had become. However, such physical exertions only increased his violent obsession with Spider-Man. Although his body had been honed to near-perfection, Brock's mind was reduced to an all-consuming vessel of hatred. It was this fierce emotion that attracted the empathic parasite. In order to survive, the alien costume had to feed off the nearest and greatest source of emotion. The symbiote joined mentally and physically with Brock, whose emotions overwhelmed the already confused alien. The dominant thought on both their minds was that of Spider-Man. But Brock's sheer hatred for the crime fighter twisted the symbiote’s feelings to a similar extent. In effect, Brock's emotions drove the symbiote insane, just as their bonding may have driven Brock over the edge. Brock soon discovered that the costume gave him all the powers of Spider-Man, and more. It also added bulk to his already large frame and increased his strength to superhuman levels. Calling himself "Venom," Brock directed the costume to sprout a hideous grin and plotted his revenge. Through the costume, Venom learned a great deal about Spider-Man, including his secret identity.

Brock taunted Peter Parker with minor assaults, such as pushing him in front of a moving subway train. The alien costume could cancel out the wall-crawler’s spider-sense presumably by projecting conflicting frequencies upon Spider-Man's brain waves. Venom finally made a bold move when he confronted Parker's wife, Mary Jane, at their old Chelsea apartment. Although Venom's twisted sense of morality did not allow him to physically harm Mary Jane, Spider-Man immediately realized the nature of this threat. Taking the time to retrieve the sonic blaster from the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man challenged Venom at Our Lady of Saints Church. Although he fired the blaster at Venom, Spider-Man soon discovered that the symbiote could not be separated from Brock because it had completely bonded with him. Trying to escape and rethink his options, Spider-Man was caught unaware by Venom. He captured Spider-Man and secured him to the inside of the church bell with a considerable amount of webbing. Spider-Man narrowly escaped the bell's crushing clapper before defeating Venom by forcing him to deplete his webbing supply, of which the alien symbiote was actually comprised. Before the alien could regenerate enough of its mass to become a renewed threat, Spider-Man brought Venom to the Fantastic Four who imprisoned him in a sonic containment cell. The Fantastic Four then shipped Venom to the government super-prison in the Colorado Rockies called the Vault.

A young guard who had just been assigned to the Vault was fooled into thinking that Venom was a fallen colleague and released the gate mechanism, which imprisoned the criminal. Venom killed the naive guard and escaped to New York City, where he once again confronted Spider-Man. This time Spider-Man used psychological warfare upon Venom, by taunting the alien symbiote to return to him. The alien, torn by its love-hate relationship for Spider-Man, tried to leave Brock and to re-establish its link with its original owner. But the trauma of trying to detach itself from Brock's nervous system was too much to bear. The alien costume and Eddie Brock were both knocked unconscious and were subsequently returned to the Vault, where they were incarcerated. Since then, Venom has gone through many changes. After years of combating, Venom reached an understanding with Spider-Man.

After dealing a truce with Spider-Man and relocating to San Francisco,Some cops recognize Eddie Brock and try to bring him in, but he turns into Venom and resists arrest, incapacitating them. Parker reads about how Venom’s beating up police officers and breaks the truce by going to find him. Venom saved a handful of homeless people from being abused by criminals, and in gratitude revealed their underground society descended from survivors of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. After fighting the Jury he was taken prisoner by the Life Foundation, and forcefully made to spawn five more symbiotes. With the help of Spider-Man, he escaped the prison and managed to incapacitate the other symbiotes. The man responsible for the Life Foundation and the symbiotes, Roland Trice, planned on killing the underground civilization in order to obtain a large mass of gold supposedly buried within it. Enlisting Spider-Man's aid once again the two thwarted his evil scheme. During his period of vigilantism, Eddie crossed paths with other superheros and anti-heroes such as the Punisher, Wolverine, Daredevil, Iron Man, Morbius, Mace and Vengeance.Even encountered the Hulk, Ghost Rider and the She-Hulk.Including Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch),Captain America,Demogoblin,Mystique,Avengers,and more.Fought his offspring Carnage,with Doppelganger,Carrion and Shriek.J. Jonah Jameson Publisher of the Daily Bugle Venom tried to kill him and Spider-Man.

Eddie became romantically involved with Beck Underwood, a lawyer and above-ground contact of the underground society. A company called Scarmore Inc. was behind some illegal experiments in which they tried to mix their toxic waste with mercury, however all the substance did was sicken anyone who worked with it, both physically and mentally. Scarmore Inc. hired Black Tom and Juggernaut to take her out, but Venom confronted the mercenaries.

The Mercury Virus turned out to be sentient. Venom landed in a pool of the Mercury Virus which proceeded to bond with him and augmented his strength drastically while simultaneously turning him insane. Venom broke into the Scarmore building at night and killed the president of the company, who was actually just a janitor resting in his chair. Juggernaut confronted him, and the two fought until Venom fell into another dimension called the Realm of Insanity. A necromancer (taking the appearance of Ghost Rider) explained that every time someone went mad they fell into the Realm of Insanity for an amount of time, and the degree of Venom's madness meant he could remain there indefinitely. Venom negotiated with Dusk, ruler of the realm, and was sent back to Earth.

Juggernaut was holding Beck hostage. Venom burst in and attacked Marko, and the two fought until Juggernaut got fed up and left. Due to all that had happened Beck ended their relationship and Venom extracted the Mercury Virus from his system. Despite everything, Venom respected the sentient virus and welcomed a reunion if he ever needed another power boost.Venom was recruited via an ultimatum by the government to be a special operations counter-terrorist agent. Venom agreed, but one stipulation of the deal did not sit too well with him. A bomb was planted in his chest to assure complete and utter obedience. After a few missions, Venom became tired of the situation and had the symbiote perform surgery on him and extracted the bomb. A brouhaha ensued wherein the end result was Eddie Brock lying unconscious and the symbiote "dead," only to return later on and re-join with Eddie. Thus Venom was whole again and looking to square things with Spider-Man once again. He had lost his memory and no longer knew the secret identity of Spider-Man, but knew that a deep seated hatred resided within him for the Web-Head.

Shortly after the reunion, Venom joined the Sinister Six for a brief period in order to get at Spider-Man. After being scorned by the group, he hunted down certain members of the team for revenge (including Electro, Sandman, and Kraven). Later Eddie Brock approached his ex-wife Anne Weying, and at the thought of having the symbiote back in her life, she jumped out of her apartment window and killed herself. Venom blamed Spider-Man, whom he had a skirmish with right before Anne died. Thus the hatred for the old Web-Head was fueled anew.

Dark Origin

Eddies Brock first became Venom. It gives insight into Eddie's mind, as well as the Symbiote, and shows what it was that made Brock tick.

The series starts with Eddie's childhood. On a quiet day on a nice street. Its a sunny day and a little girl has lost her cat. Wanting to help, a group of boys start a search party. When Eddie finds out, he goes inside. He pulls up his long sleeves, revealing long scratches up his arms. He goes into the basement and pulls out a box with holes in it. Inside is the missing cat. Eddie had the cat the entire time. He takes the cat to the little girl, who is very happy. All the other boys are impressed, and when they ask him how he did it he says,"It was easy". This is first time in a list of many where Eddie shows himself to be a compulsive liar with a hero complex.

Later at the dinner table, Eddie is about to tell his dad about how he "found" the cat. The dad however, shows little interest. That evening while watching the news, Eddie says that the man is lying. When his dad shows that he is confused, Eddie states that he can always tell when someone is lying (it is not known if this is a lie or if he is telling the truth). His sister then comes in complaining about how Eddie ruined his church clothes. When Eddie tells her that she isn't his mom, she yells back,"We used to have a mom before you". Eddies dad then scolds her, stating that they could not blame Eddie for what happened, and that it wasn't his fault. Eddie's dad then walks away and Eddie sighs. When his sister asked him what was wrong he says,"I can tell, He's lying". The next day at church, Eddie talks with an old woman. She says that the world has a place for everyone, and that you just had to find it.He then says that while he looks as hard as he can, it seems no one is looking for him.

We then skip a few years ahead and see Eddie in his teens at high school.He tries to impress a girl by wearing a wrestling team jacket and saying he made the team, even though in reality, he's just the water and towel boy. She shows no interest in him though and walks off. He then walks into the locker rooms still wearing the jacket. When the real owner of the jacket sees him, he gets beat up. That same day in what looks like English class, Eddie gets inspired to go into journalism when his teacher talks about the Watergate scandal and says that two journalists managed to bring down the most powerful man in the world.

We then skip a few more years and see Eddie applying in the Journalism course at E.S.U. After trying to attempt to not get caught lying about an internship, he runs into Anne Weying, his future wife. To try to get to know her, he says he lives off campus and he asks her if she could help him find his place. After walking around town for a bit, they end up in a real bad part of it. When she shows her discomfort, he reveals that he actually lives in one of the dorms and that he just wanted to spend some time with her. Just as she is about to freak out, some one smashes a wine bottle over Eddie's head. Anne gets pushed, and she hits her head on a fire hydrant knocking herself out. A group of men surrounds them and Eddie, showing his darker side, tries to make a deal. They take Anne ad let him be, and that he won't say a word. The men don't go for it and someone pulls out a knife. But just then Spider-man comes in and beats up the muggers. Afterwards, Spider-man tells Eddie to call the cops and swings off. Anne then wakes up and is shocked to see Eddie standing next to the group of muggers all unconscious. She then asks him how he did it and he says with the same grin he gave when he said it last time,"It was easy".

Much later, Eddie and Anne are married. Eddie is an intern at the Daily Globe. One day when he arrives, a reporter named Paul Barnum gives him a stack of letters to sort through. He opens one and reads it. It is a letter from a man who calls himself the Sin-Eater. The letter says,"Hello, I am the Sin-Eater. I just shot Jean Dewolff (Jean Dewolff was a police officer who was Sin-Eater's first victim). I took her badge because thats what the voices wanted. I hope the blood has dried. If you want to talk, I will call the pay-phone at Broadway at 12:00 on the 12th of June. Maybe you can stop me". Eddie looks at the clock and sees that today is the 12th, and at 12:00 on Broadway he answers the pay-phone. When the Sin-Eater asks for his name, he lies and says that he is a crime reporter for the Daily Globe and that if Sin-Eater wants his story told, it will have to be through Brock. Sin-Eater agrees.

Back at the Daily Globe, Brock fills in the Editor as to what happened. Paul Barnum is furious and says that he should be writing the story. However, Brock reminds him that Sin-Eater will only talk to him. The editor says that for now there is no real proof as to what, but that if within the week something happens Eddie will get front page. A few days later, Eddie gets another call. This time the victim was a judge who was apparently a friend to criminals. Also in a battle that later occurred between Spider-man and Sin-Eater, there were people that were accidentally hit by Sin-Eaters gun. Sin-Eater said that he would not be responsible for those who got in the way. He also asks Eddie if he will tell his story. He does. Brock becomes a star reporter. When Sin-Eater calls a third time, he asks if they can meet in person. While hesitant, Eddie agrees. Sin-Eater tells him to go to the church on Broadway and Eleventh. This is the same church where Eddie later on becomes Venom. When Eddie gets there, he sees at statue of the virgin Mary. While looking at it, a black tear appears out of one of her eyes. At that same time, a voice from behind asks if Eddie is forgiven. Still watching the tear, which is starting to move curiously, Eddie says yes. While they are talking, Eddie keeps watching the tear. It is now moving over the statues face, looking much like a spider web. Suddenly, the tear is gone. Eddie and Sin-Eater continue while the Venom Symbiote moves into the shadows. Sin-Eater makes to leave, but before he does Eddie asks him what his name is. He replies,"Emil. Emil Gregg". He leaves and later on, so does Eddie. While walking home, Eddie passes a policeman. For a second he goes to tell him, but then stops and keeps on walking.

Eddie keeps writing Sin-Eater articles. One day, he is visited by two policemen, who quickly asks him if he knows who the Sin-Eater is. Eddie doesn't reply, smiling. Taking that as a yes, the cop asks for every piece of information Eddie has on him and a name. Eddie says no. He is arrested. His lawyer later argues that this is unconstitutional, and that Eddie is just doing his job under the first amendment. When Eddie goes home that night he is confronted by his father. His father tells him that he is ashamed of Eddie, because Eddie knows exactly who he is. When Eddie tries to defend himself, his dad simply says that Eddies story isn't as important as the victims. The next day, Eddie prints the story revealing Sin-Eater's identity. Later that day, Paul Barnum tells Eddie that the editor wants to talk to him. Eddie is confused by Paul's happy behavior towards him but does what he says anyway. The editor then says the words that will change his life. Emil Gregg wasn't the real Sin-Eater. The real Sin-Eater was called Stan Carter. Spider-man found him trying to kill his next target an hour after the Globe printed Eddie's story. Eddie has made a mockery of the Daily Globe, and for that he is fired.

We then skip a few months/years. Eddie's answering machine records a message from Anne. She says that today she is bringing a lawyer so that he can sign the divorce papers. We then see Eddie leaving his apartment with a gun. He goes to the church where he first met Emil Gregg and he starts praying to God. He says that while he knows it is a sin, he has to kill himself. He blames Spider-man for ruining his life, and says that all he can think abut is killing him. As he starts talking about his hate for Spider-man, the Venom Symbiote appears as a tear once more under the statue's eye. However this time it heads straight for Brock. He notices a second before it happens. The Symbiote goes through his eye and begins to bond with him. Eddie, scared, begins screaming. The father of the church hears him and comes out. When he sees Eddie he runs away to call the police. Meanwhile, Eddie is seeing some of the Symbiote's memories, including Spider-man finding the Symbiote on Battleworld, and Spider-man getting rid of it. Eddie then starts to realize that the Symbiote isn't trying to hurt him, but that they are on the same side. Just as the Symbiote fully gets inside him, Eddie faints and two policemen show up. As they approach Brock, he wakes up. He then violently throws up the Symbiote and it covers him.The two policemen start shooting but the Symbiote stops the bullets and grabs one of them. he cop and the father run outside. The cop drives off, calling for back-up. Eddie approaches the father and asks him to forgive Eddie for the things hes done, including the murder he just finished. The remaining cop, seeing his dead partner, drives right at Eddie, trying to kill him. However the Symbiote creates a ramp, and the car goes right up it and crashes into the church. Eddie then promises that thats the last thing. After being forgiven, Eddie walks back to his apartment, where Anne and a lawyer are waiting. After the Symbiote shaves him and forms into a suit, Eddie approaches them. Anne is impressed, saying he looks much better then the last time he met. She says that then all he was talking about was Spider-Man. Edie then yells,"Spider-man ruined our lives"! (Him and the Symbiote, or him and Anne?) She then says that he doesn't even know who he is and vice-versa. After signing the papers, Eddie goes inside now talking to the Symbiote. "I might not know who he is, but you do". Eddie starts to giggle. Soon he is laughing, and the louder he laugs, the more prominent a mouth becomes on his face. Soon Eddie is laughing at the top hi lungs, ad the mouth on his face has gone from normal to monstrous. And with that, Venom is born.

Moving On

After an extended period of inactivity, Venom resurfaced with cancer, and the only thing keeping him alive was the symbiote, who did not want him anymore. After seeing a spiritual movie, Eddie decided to sell his symbiote off in an auction, swearing off his life of vigilantism. The winner of the auction was the gang lord Don Fortunato. He gave the symbiote to his son, Angelo, in hopes that Angelo would finally make a name for himself. The symbiote eventually left Angelo to die in mid-air. The symbiote passed on to the Scorpion Mac Gargan. Brock was discovered after making an attempt to kill himself, and was hospitalized. When Peter Parker unmasks himself publicly as Spider-Man, Brock is among the millions of witnesses. He is shown in the hospital, rapidly succumbing physically to his cancer and experiencing hallucinations of the Symbiote, representing his dark side. He spots Mary Jane Watson Parker watching over a comatose Aunt May, who has been seriously wounded by a bullet. Brock has no idea what to do, but his dark side then persuades him to kill Aunt May.

Brock orders a dress-up costume of Spider-Man's black costume and sets out to kill her, first murdering a nurse for getting in his way. At the last minute, he has a change of heart, finding he cannot murder someone as innocent as Aunt May. Eddie repeatedly slices his wrists in order to get rid of Venom. He tells Peter Parker that while he's done terrible things, he's not a terrible person, and asks for his forgiveness before jumping out the window. Peter breaks his fall by catching him with two strands of webbing. Awakening chained to his bed, Brock decides to take better control of himself in the short time he has left. He tells his dark side that he accepts its presence, as long as it recognizes that from that moment on, he is in control.


While once again praying at a church, Brock was discovered by philanthropist named Martin Li who is secretly Mr. Negative. After Matt Murdock proves in a court of law that Brock was not responsible for his actions while bonded to the Symbiote and has Eddies charges dropped, Li gets Brock a job in his soup kitchen. It is revealed that a touch from Mr. Negative completely cures Eddie's cancer and the remnants of the Venom Symbiote within his body bond to his white-blood-cells. One day Mac Gargan, the current Venom, while hunting for Spider-Man encounters Brock trying to hide from him. Venom then attempts to leave Mac Gargan to re-bond with Brock, much to Gargan's and Brock's dismay. However, upon making contact with Brock, his skin is shown to be caustic to his former Symbiote. As a white substance seeps out of his pores covering his body, Brock becomes Anti-Venom.

A fight ensues between Anti-Venom and Venom, only for the timely intervention of Spider-Man. The two then beat Spider-Man out of the fight only to continue their battle. After several hits against each other, Anti-Venom realizes that Spider-Man is an ally. Spider-Man then holds Venom down so Anti-Venom can cleanse Gargan of the Symbiote. After doing this, Anti-Venom senses small traces of the Symbiote in Spider-man. Anti-Venom turns to cleanse Spider-Man of his radioactive blood that gives him his spider powers.

Eddie is not successful in curing Spider-man, but from then on, Spider-Man's powers greatly weaken in the presence of Anti-Venom. The Thunderbolts then arrive, and try to kill the new Symbiote. But Eddie proves immune to sound and fire, unlike the normal Symbiote. Eddie then tries to cleanse Radioactive Man but Songbird saves him. Norman then tells them to retreat, and they take Gargan back to base to heal him and Venom. After the fight, Spider-Man flees and Anti-Venom sneaks on to the Thunderbolts ship. He then disguises himself as one of their soldiers and infiltrates their base where he discovers their plan to kill Spider-man by using his camera, looted by Norman Osborn. They then reverse-engineer their weapons to follow Spider-mans tracer. In response to this, Brock steals back Peter's camera. Eddie then follows Bullseye and the troops where they ambush Spider-man, and forewarn him about his next move, in a show of friendship and good-will. Eddie leads Spider-Man back to OsCorp and the two split up, due to Spider-Man's weakened state in Eddie's presence. Brock disguises himself as Spider-Man to distract the other Thunderbolts while Spider-Man goes after Osborn. After webbing Songbird and Radioactive Man to a wall, Anti-Venom faces Gargan and Venom, who is now wearing a new Scorpion battle suit designed to protect his recovering Symbiote. After a grueling battle, Gargan as Scorpion hits Anti-Venom with his stinger and injects a poisonous formula that seemingly destroys Brock's suit. Gargan advances to kill Brock, but is met with resistance by the Venom Symbiote. The Symbiote gains strength and breaks though Gargan's battle suit, refusing to let Gargan kill Brock. Gargan explains that the suit still loves Brock too much and gives up, but he promises Brock that he will get past this problem and someday finish him off, to which Brock replies "not if I kill you first." Unknown to Gargan, Brock's Anti-Venom suit reforms. Now a fugitive for helping Spider-Man and fighting the Thunderbolts, Brock is back on the streets planning to continue his religious quest as Anti-Venom.Recently, after Anti-Venom used his powers to cure a teenage girl named Jenna Cole from her heroin addiction, he send her to Martin Li's shelter FEAST. Unbeknownst to Eddie, Martin Li had started to turn down new residents. Aunt May would hear none of it, and went to talk to Mr. Li personally. She found him training the Asian refugees who had been rescued from OsCorp, training in the martial arts. Martin Li turned May away, stating that this was a closed session. Meanwhile, Anti-Venom followed the dealers to their suppliers (a group of masked men who called themselves The Inner Demons, a gang that worked for Mr. Negative). Upon finding and attacking them, Eddie was surprised that they were armed with weapons that had the same toxin Venom nearly killed him with. Anti-Venom was able to kill most of the Inner Demons who were present at the deal and get enough information from one he left alive to find out their next move. However, one of the men escaped and told Mr. Negative what happened. Anti-Venom showed up to stop the gang's next crime, stealing a truck of prescription medicine from OsCorp. But the gang was prepared and took the opportunity to ambush Anti-Venom in large numbers. Mr. Negative himself was present and confronted Anti-Venom, revealing his identity was Eddie Brock. Anti-Venom was shocked that Mr. Negative knew his real name, and more so that he knew Eddie's weakness. Anti-Venom found himself so greatly outnumbered that he had no choice but to retreat, the members of the Inner Demons spread out to hunt Eddie down, who had actually doubled back to the truck they were stealing and took out the men left guarding it, but since Eddie knew the truck belonged to Norman Osborn he chose to play Robin Hood and steal the medicine himself and donate it to FEAST. While Eddie was dropping off the medicine and wishing he could see the look on the needy peoples faces inside who needed it, he saw Mr. Negative entering the building, Eddie spied on Mr. Negative and to his horror discovered him to be Martin Li. This revelation threw everything Eddie held true into question, as Martin Li was the man he owed his second chance to. Now knowing Martin Li was Mr. Negative, and also knowing no one would believe him if he told them, Eddie is only left with self doubt and uncertainty. Working with Jenna Cole, Eddie is now fighting crime in the sleazier areas of New York, having separated themselves from the F.E.A.S.T. foundation. As Anti-Venom he "cures" the streets of drug traders after Jenna goes undercover to lure them out. Since the revelation of Mr. Li's dual identity, he's become increasingly unstable mentally, reverting back to his "Venom" personality and being overtly/near lethally protective of Jenna. At another drug bust Eddie walks in on the Quintas gang after they've captured Jenna, preparing to transform until the Punisher intervenes. Anti-Venom and Castle slaughter the criminals until a gang member takes Jenna hostage. Eddie stops Castle from shooting the gang member through Jenna, however upon hearing his full name (Eddie Brock the serial killer) he shoots Anti-Venom in the head with a shotgun. Anti-Venom recovers and attacks the Punisher in retaliation. When Jenna is captured by the Quintas gang, Eddie and the Punisher almost kill each other, but Eddie declares a truce, saying that if the Punisher doesn't back down he'll make him go to Mexico with him in a wheelchair and that he could drive the Punisher's van. The Punisher says no to that and agrees to the truce, but tries to kill Eddie again anyway during the border crossing with a knife. He drops Eddie off at the compund, figuring Eddie will die instead of him and this way he plans to take care of two birds with one stone. When Eddie talks on the phone to Jenna, he goes insane,and the black spider emblem on his shirt becoming a skull, and tears a border guard in half.

The story of the alien symbiote continues in the profile of Mac Gargan.

For others who have used the alias "Venom", please see Venom (disambiguation).