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Captain America (2099)

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   universe = [[Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)]]
   universe = [[Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)]]
| real_name = Steve Rogers
| real_name = Steve Rogers
| aliases = None
| aliases = ironman
| identity = Publicly Known (as Steve Rogers), Secret (as clone)
| identity = Publicly Known (as Steve Rogers), Secret (as clone)
| occupation = One time President of the United States
| occupation = One time President of the United States

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Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)

Real Name
Steve Rogers


Publicly Known (as Steve Rogers), Secret (as clone)

Citizen of the United States

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Doom (2099) #33

Steve Rogers was a genetically engineered creation of Anthony Herod in the year 2099, designed and released to become a figurehead for the replacement of Doom’s American government, thanks to the popularity of a novelized, questionable biography of his life. 2099’s counterfeit version of Captain America first appeared on national television, claiming to be the 20th Century’s Captain America, frozen again in the waters off Antarctica, close to the Savage Land. He explained to the American people that he had fallen into sea while fighting the collapse of the Age of Heroes and a monster from the depths of Europe. He then identified Doom as the orchestrator of the tragedy, and was dismayed to see that Doom had become President of the United States.

Captain America was taken to the Chicago Reserve where he met Herod, the new, secret head of America. Herod announced that Captain America would be the new President, but that he was only needed as a puppet leader. At first, Captain America disagreed with the notion and the lack of democracy it represented, but after being electrocuted by Herod, along with a promise that there would be killing to be done, he agreed. He then began his reign as President, appearing as a shining beacon of illusionary democracy on the television screens, but behind the cameras he suffered with the abuses and injuries Herod caused him, questioning his place in the new America.

Shortly afterwards, Herod used nanotech robots to cannibalize the rubble of the old White House and rebuilt it into a new, massive cubed building, the Red House. He gave Captain America this new building as his capital, but soon Captain America grew lazy and corrupt. He became unstable and spent his time over-eating, smoking, and complaining of increasing boredom before the 2099’s Doom returned to revenge himself upon Herod. Doom unleashed more nanotech robots on the Red House, commanding them to dismantle the building, the staff within, along with Captain America, thus ending his reign as President and his life.

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