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Aliases Callador, Castigo, Chaloner, Fred D'Amato, Eastman, Charles Fort, Frank Loomis, McRook, Melchior, Joe Rainey, Frank Rook, Richard Rook, Tony Knowlen Ross, Francis Stronghold, Johnny Tower, Dmitri Velikoff, Frankie Villa, Yousoufian; numerous others

Identity Publicly known

Occupation Vigilante; former Special Forces instructor, U.S. Marine

The Punisher's ever-changing arsenal of weaponry includes various automatic and semi-automatic rifles, and an array of handguns, fragmentation and tear gas grenades, other explosives, and combat knives. A personal favorite is his ballistic knife, which can launch its blade with lethal force. He commonly uses M16 .223 caliber automatic rifles, Sterling Mark 6 9mm, semi-automatic rifles, 9mm Browning Llama automatic pistols, .45 caliber automatic frame rechambered for 9mm. ammunition, .223 caliber Derringers, and Gerber Mark II combat knives.

Paraphernalia The Punisher has a Kevlar uniform which protects him from most gunfire, though he can still suffer concussive injury or penetration from sufficient or repeated impacts.

First Appearance Amazing Spider-Man #129 (1974)

Origin Marvel Preview #2 (1975); Marvel Super Action #1 (1976); Punisher: Year One #1-4 (1994-1995); Nam #52 (1991)

Significant Issues Fought Hitman (Amazing Spider-Man #174-175, 1977); drugged by Jigsaw, defeated by Kingpin (Spectacular Spider-Man #78, 81-83, 1983); encountered Trust (Punisher #1-5, 1986); adopted Max (Punisher War Zone #37, 1995); face scarred by Jigsaw, repaired by Brewer (Punisher #54-59, 1991-1992); took out Carbone family, faced assassins of Rosalie Carbone (Punisher War Zone #1-12, 1992-1993); opposed first Chunnel plot (Punisher #65-70, 1992); exploded mobster building, believed dead while active in Laastekist (Punisher #86-88/Punisher War Journal #62-64/Punisher War Zone #24-25, 1994); fought Microchip and Stonecold, captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Punisher #102-104/Punisher War Journal #79-80/Punisher War Zone #41, 1995); driven mad by Spook, assassinated Fury LMD (Double Edge: Alpha Omega, 1995); worked with Geraci crime family (Punisher #1-10, 1995-1996); fought Ersatz Mutant Liberation Front, lost memory (Punisher #12-16, 1996-1997); agent of angels against Olivier (Punisher #1-4, 1998-1999); took out Gnuccis and Vigilante Squad (Punisher #1-12, 2000-2001); opposed Kreigkopf and Russian (Punisher #1-5, 2001); fought mercanaries of Monastery Hill (Punisher #33-37, 2003-2004); fought Nicky Cavella and CIA, slew Microchip (Punisher #1-6, 2004)

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Born in New York to parents of Italian ancestory, Francis Castiglione is a former U.S. Marine Captain. Before Frank joined the Marines, he was studying to become a Catholic priest but changed his mind because he was unable to forgive those who did evil. Also prior to his enlistment, he married his wife Maria who was already pregnant with their first child. During his time in the United States Marine Corps (USMC), Castle graduated from Basic Training, then went on to Infantry School. Immediately following that, he went through the USMC's Reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance, and Sniper Schools. Attaining dockets, Castle was permitted to go through U.S. Army Airborne School, and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team training, becoming qualified as a Navy SeAL (Sea, Air and Land). He served in the Vietnam War in a special forces unit as a point man. For heroism in the line of duty, he was decorated with numerous medals, inlcuding the Purple Heart. Shortly after a tour in Vietnam, Castle, his wife, Maria and their children were in New York's Central Park for an afternoon picnic when they witnessed a Mafia gangland execution; an informant had been hanged from a tree. Seeking to eliminate all witnesses, the Costa crime family murdered them on the spot. However, Castle survived. Even though Frank was able to identify all of the shooters the police were unable to help Castle in his quest for justice; they were tied in too deeply to the powerful Costa family. He decided that the only punishment criminals might receive is that of physical destruction. Shortly thereafter, he emblazoned his body armor with a symbol of a death's head, and exacted his revenge. Since then he has waged a one-man war upon crime, taking the name Punisher.

In his vigilante endeavors, Castle has crossed paths with several costumed crimefighters, most notably Spider-Man and Daredevil. These encounters have often resulted in his incarceration. While he is known to be significantly inferior to Daredevil in hand-to-hand combat skills, Punisher has been rated as one of the most dangerous criminals alive. When he was incarcerated in New York's Riker's Island Prison, though heavily outnumbered in gang-fights, Punisher has routinely killed armed, homicidal criminals with frightening ease, sustaining no injury. Due to his proficiency in fighting, he is rarely so accosted in prison environments. Adhering to his military philosophies, Punisher is constantly training whenever he is not out on actual maneuvers. He exercises fanatically to maintain his impressive physical conditioning and sticks to a balanced diet whenever possible.

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