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Marvel Universe 

China Force

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Beijing, China

First Appearance
(In shadow, unidentified) Alpha Flight #64 (1988); (fully) Alpha Flight #66 (1989)

Current Members:
Ox, Rat, Snake

In response to the growing number of super-powered beings within their country’s borders, the Chinese government formed the clandestine People’s Protection Agency (PPA). Tasked with seeking out, removing, containing and controlling Chinese superhumans, the PPA formed China Force, a government-sanctioned team of artificially-enhanced super-beings with powers and codenames taken from the animals of Chinese astrology. The inaugural roster included the super-leaping Rabbit, elastic Snake, super-strong Ox, poison-clawed Rat, canine-like Dog, super-kicking Horse, and the super-agile Monkey. Soon after the team’s formation, Horse, Dog and Monkey defected, and China Force was dispatched to recover them along with another apparent traitor, the Jade Dragon (Dei Guan).

China Force tracked Guan to Canada, where he was being held as an illegal alien. They confronted him with an ultimatum to join them or die a traitor to his country. Before he could decide, however, China Force attacked and defeated him. Taking him into custody, the team began the journey back to China, but they fell under the influence of the demonic Dreamqueen en route. She compelled them to travel to Edmonton, Canada, making them believe they had returned to China. The Dreamqueen also influenced Alpha Flight to travel there, and upon arrival they were attacked by China Force, who believed them to be invading China. Ultimately, China Force was defeated after Laura Dean opened a portal to the true China and they were cast into it by Shaman’s magic. Guan opted to follow them, seeking to prove to his innocence to the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, China Force’s defectors Dog, Horse, and Monkey had come into the employ of Teng Yun-Suan, who sought to use superhumans to take over small countries, beginning with the then-British colony of Hong Kong. Alongside other agents including She-Devil, Auric, and Silver (Jimon Kwan), the trio of defectors came into conflict with the Agent (Rick Mason). After Horse died battling Mason, the Agent slew Teng; however, Dog and Monkey escaped. Their whereabouts since are unknown.

Later, the Jade Dragon joined the Collective Man and Nuwa in forming 3-Peace, a group dedicated to seeking freedom for Chinese mutants. Seeking to quell the dissidents, the Chinese government sent China Force after them; however, 3-Peace allied themselves with Reignfire and his Mutant Liberation Front, and during the ensuing clash Reignfire seemingly slew China Force’s leader, Rabbit. Reignfire ultimately betrayed 3-Peace to China Force, but they managed to escape capture.

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