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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
X-Force 62 (1997)

Very little is known about this vicious combatant. His ancestors are renowned as superb warriors retaining a solemn and noble etiquette. Although the tough soldier fronts as a mercenary, his true nature is revealed as that of an honorable champion. Clear-Cut was introduced as bodyguard for Shinobi Shaw alongside Mindmeld. The X-Force traveled to Shaw’s compound to end his development of a laser designed to turn a mutant into a human. After encountering the X-Force on Shaw’s island, Clear-Cut clashed swords with Shatterstar. Mindmeld soon dispatched the crew using her psyche transfers. While restraining the X-Force with inhibitor collars, Clear-Cut slipped Domino the key to her shackles. Shinobi Shaw later revealed Clear-Cut as covertly assisting the prisoners. The evil host strapped Clear-Cut down and shot him with the mutant reducing ray. Although he went unconscious, Clear-Cut was healthy otherwise, revealing that he was not a mutant after all. He aided the X-Force in their escape, and the group and the warrior went their separate ways.

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