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Marvel Universe 

Coat of Arms


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Lisa Molinari




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1 (2009)

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3 (2009)

Making her stunning debut when she helped foil a liquor store robbery, Coat of Arms was less than pleased with her team's performance and made it known to her chosen leader, the Melter. Adopting a team name already in use by the Young Avengers forced a brief confrontation with the heroes leading to a compromise of holding tryouts, attempting to incorporate both teams into one.

Coat of Arms was paired with Speed since they knew each other from a stint in juvenile detention. She explained how a week after her parole, life on the outside wasn't working out as planned. She claimed the coat she wears found her and asked her a question, leading her to a life of costumed adventure. However, Patriot was more concerned if Norman Osborn was responsible for the creation of her team. Coat of Arms was inappropriately fascinated with Osborn's life as the Green Goblin which is why he was the inspiration behind her artwork. When she finally met the man in person, and he acknowledged her – somewhat violently – she decided she had to get closer to her subject matter. She founded and formed the team, without truly knowing what they should stand for.

Her mettle would be tested when the Melter contacted Osborn and his Avengers to get revenge on the Young Avengers for not choosing him to be a part of their group. Underestimating the young heroes, Osborn's group was having a hard time containing them which provoked a call to the Sentry. As Wiccan extended a hand of friendship to the Enchantress, Sentry ruthlessly assaulted him. Coat of Arms couldn't stand idly by and watch any longer. Pulling a chain from Tiboro's coat, Enchantress and Wiccan helped her to bind and banish Sentry from the combat zone. Soon after, Coat of Arms and her team departed, but what direction she decided to take them in remained unclear.

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