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Marvel Universe 

Cottonmouth (Cornell Cottonmouth)

Cottonmouth (Cornell Cottonmouth)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Cornell Cottonmouth


Known to authorities

USA with criminal record

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Mentioned (Power Man #18, 1974); shown (Power Man #19, 1974)


When Cornell Cottonmouth ran what he claimed to be the most successful illegal drug trade in the nation, his hired muscle Mike and Ike were sent to procure Luke Cage; who was offered a position in the hierarchy of Cottonmouth's organization because he felt they were kindred spirits.
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Mike and Ike
Cage pretended to accept the job in order to get proof he was framed years earlier by his supposed friend, Willis Stryker, after Stryker hijacked one of Cottonmouth's heroin shipments and planted the drugs on Cage. Cottonmouth's assistant Mister Slick wanted Cage to prove his loyalty, so Cottonmouth had Cage retrieve drugs stolen from him a week earlier by Morgan's mob. Once Cage returned with the goods, Cottonmouth had Slick show Cage their operation in detail. Unable to find any documentation that would prove his innocence, Cage phoned the police so they could collect the evidence to arrest Cottonmouth and hopefully clear his name. Cottonmouth discovered Cage's betrayal and attacked him. During the fight, Slick interfered, was accidentally knocked out the window and was killed when he impacted the street. When Cage pressured Cottonmouth for any records concerning Stryker and the hijacked shipment, Cottonmouth told Cage that Slick was the only one who possessed knowledge of all his business dealings as Slick had a photographic memory. Enraged, Cage rendered Cottonmouth unconscious, and Cottonmouth was presumably incarcerated.
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Mister Slick

Later emerging as a pimp, Cottonmouth worked under the West Side Highway at a time the Hand was policing Manhattan's streets by order of their then leader Daredevil (Matthew Murdock). Three ninjas attacked and were about to seriously injure one of Cottonmouth's girls, but she was saved by Power Man (Victor Alvarez), who then broke nearly all of Cottonmouth's teeth. Returning with a new set of dagger-like teeth made from surgical steel and coated with eighteen karat gold, Cottonmouth sought revenge but his partner Nightshade (Tilda Johnson) forbade it; she instead offered Power Man a job in her criminal organization but he refused. When Iron Fist (Danny Rand) arrived to rescue Power Man, Power Man destroyed Cottonmouth's teeth again. During Manhattan's "Spider-Island" epidemic, Cottonmouth may have orchestrated a prison break, bringing Nightshade's super villain Flashmob into conflict with Misty Knight's Heroes for Hire.

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