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Marvel Universe 

Covington, June

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
June Covington

The Toxic Doxie

Known to authorities


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Osborn #1 (2011)

Osborn #1 (2011)

June Covington was a disturbed young woman even in childhood, running her father over with a tractor when she was only twelve. While she attended a university in New York, a post-grad student with a research grant for her studies in biology she was both ambitious and directionless. She was working on a potential break-through in genetic medicine but couldn't find the missing piece of her puzzle until she met Edward Wynne, a biologist at the top of his field born with a slight birth defect. June figured if biology was fallible, then it could also perfected. That realization led to the creation of her Genetic Plug-in Technology, and she used herself as her first test subject. Initially she was content to fix all the random genetic accidents she'd suffered since conception, but then she turned her sights to others. June experimented on several individuals, resulting in their deaths, but she claimed it was because their DNA was inferior. However, one year later she believed she was ready to show her work to Wynne and help him on his way to perfection.

Wynne was appalled she would have brought him something so monstrous that he called campus security, requested an emergency meeting with the dean to get her expelled, and suggested she seek professional help. June merely saw his effrontery as insight that not everyone deserved perfection. She remained in New York, working in an underground laboratory with funding from various black market sources and corrupt businessmen. She eventually had to close her lab after distributing a genetic plug-in that turned poor people into food, but she still had enough clout to walk into an expensive fundraising party where she saw Wynne again for the first time in years. She was apologetic and respectful and convinced Wynne to go back to her lab with her to check over her new, "nicer," work. He went with her, and June injected him with a genetic plug-in, specific to his DNA, paralyzing him and locking him inside to die, enacting her revenge. She claims his body is still there. She was ultimately incarcerated in the Special Containment Center for the deaths of eighteen people at a prayer meeting when their heads exploded from overproducing cranial fluid, most likely from another genetic plug-in. She has been in jail for at least two years.

June was one of the five most dangerous criminals housed in the SCC, but she seemed to coexist well with the others in her cellblock, showing concern over a presumably deceased inmate and expressing anger when Officer Martin tortured Ai Apaec. When Norman Osborn came to the SCC, June was released as a Goblin cult arranged a prison break to liberate him. She was attacked by another prisoner in a separate wing of the jail and had her body broken, but because of the enhancements she gave herself June repaired her body and killed her attacker. She stayed with Osborn until they escaped from the SCC and inserted herself back into society, getting a position as the doctor for the Raft maximum security prison. June Covington was last seen visiting Osborn in his cell with his medication.

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