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Marvel Universe 

Crazy Eight


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Leslie Ann Shappe




Place of Birth

First Appearance
The Incredible Hulk #380 (1991)


Crazy Eight got her name when a cop mistook a symbol for infinity, which was cut in the chest of her first victim, for a crazy number eight. Leslie wanted to go by the name “Infinity” to symbolize how nothing ever ends, but because the officer told the media about the crazy eight carved into the body, Crazy Eight was the name that stuck. She may or may not have been truly disturbed, but one thing was for sure - Crazy Eight was a killer. It is still unknown if she was an assassin for hire, or if she murdered simply because she enjoyed it, but her targets seemed to be individuals known for their underworld connections. It wasn't until she murdered Senator Ray Hartwell that she was considered to be public enemy number one and received the full attention of the authorities. While outrunning the police, Wonder Man, of the Avengers, intercepted and took her down but not without a fight. A badly bruised Beth Hartwell, the late Senator's wife, was escorted from their home under the suspicion that Crazy Eight roughed her up as well. The D.A. wanted to make sure Leslie Ann Shappe could stand trial and not use the insanity plea, so he asked Doctor Leonard Sampson to evaluate her state of mind. After speaking with Crazy Eight, Samson determined that she well aware of her actions, despite her erratic behavior during the interview, and testified to that in court. Shappe was found guilty and sentenced to death.

The day of her execution, Leslie asked to see Samson again just to say her peace, but it turned out he had to restrain and strap her into the electric chair when Leslie had second thoughts about dying. Samson apologized to her right before the switch was thrown, and Leslie Ann Shappe was no more. Beth Hartwell, who attended the execution, could not stop crying and told Samson it should have been her in that chair. A picture Beth was holding told the doctor she and Leslie knew each other since high school, and the story suddenly became clear to him. Crazy Eight didn't beat the late Senator's wife. It was Beth's husband who committed these terrible acts, and she confided in Leslie. Beth hoped Leslie would end her suffering and even offered payment. Mrs. Hartwell never came forward with the information to help Leslie because she was afraid, and Samson was disgusted knowing Crazy Eight paid the ultimate price even though she was only trying to save her friend. Leslie's last words haunted Samson as he left the prison when he agreed that “It never ends.”

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