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Marvel Universe 

Cuckoo (Kay Cera)

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 universe = Marvel Universe

| real_name = Kay Cera (possibly changed from an unrevealed name) | identity = Secret | occupation = Adventurer, fashion designer | place_of_birth = Ravenscroft, England | groups = ClanDestine | citizenship = U.K. | education = Unrevealed | aliases = Numerous assumed identities | relatives = Adam Destine (father), unnamed genie (mother), Albert Destine (brother), Argent (Samantha Destine) (sister), Cap’n Oz (William Destine) (brother), Crimson Crusader (Rory Destine) (brother), [[Destine, Flo|Flo Destine (sister, deceased), [[Destine, Gracie|Gracie Destine (sister, deceased), Hex (Dominic Destine) (brother), Imp (Pandora Destine) (sister), [[Destine, Maurice|Maurice Destine (brother, deceased), Newton Destine (brother), Vincent Destine (brother, deceased), Wallop (Walter Destine) (brother) | height = | weight = | eyes = Brown | hair = Black | powers = Kay Cera is a member of the ClanDestine and has very powerful telepathic abilities. She uses the familiar techniques of telepathic communication, reading and control of minds, and mental blasts, although she uses them with few scruples. In particular, "Cuckoo" is capable of transferring her mental essence into another mind, even into another creature (for example, a cat.) It is not known what happens to the existing mental essence of the host body, but it presumably remains dormant during such occupation, unless it already fled a body, such as with Cuckoo's current host, whom she occupied shortly after the person died. | abilities = Business skills; fashion, design, & marketing | weapons = None | paraphernalia = None | debut = ClanDestine #1 (1994) | origin = ClanDestine #5 (1994) | significant_issues = With Gracie and Professor X, discovered the existence of Synraith (X-Men/ClanDestine #1-2, 1996); the existence of the family is uncovered, several family members are murdered (ClanDestine #1, 1994); helps reunite family members against Lenz of A.I.M. (ClanDestine #4, 1995); joined with family and the X-Men to defeat the villain Synraith once again (X-Men/ClanDestine #1-2, 1996) }}

Kay is the first child of Adam Destine and his genie lover, the first in a long line of brothers and sisters. With the extreme longevity of the Clan coupled with "Cuckoo's" penchant for body-hopping, Kay has held many identities and lived many of lifetimes. At one point, when adventuring with her sister, "Gracie," they, with Professor Xavier were responsible for releasing the demon Synraith into our reality, and although it was soon defeated. (This was many years before Xavier went on to form his team of mutant heroes known as the X-Men.)

It is unknown how often she would stay with the rest of the family, but she was apparently on hand when Adam killed his son, Vincent, and created a rift among the family. This and other factors led to the family to scatter around the globe, adopting the so-called "Relative Strangers Protocol." The family feared that should their existence become public, they would face undue persecution and hardship. Cuckoo adopted the identity of the head of an exclusive fashion design company.

Eventually, the existence of the family was discovered and the members began to be systematically murdered. Kay was one of the first killed, but she used her psychic abilities to find a recently accosted prostitute and took over her dead body. Cuckoo was instrumental in coordinating the other family members into defeated their enemies, and in staying together as a family once again.

Kay used her psychic abilities to convince her co-workers that her new body was the heir to Kay's fortune, and she assumed control of Kay Cera's fashion designs once again. This led to an assassination attempt on herself, but this was stopped by her family members, Rory and Pandora, with Spider-Man in tow.

When the demon Synraith tried to enter Earth's dimension, it drew Cuckoo and the others responsible for its containment (including Professor X) together again. A brief misunderstanding allowed the two families of X-Men and ClanDestine to scuffle, but soon the demon was defeated, killed as the heroes closed its dimensional gate.

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