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Marvel Universe 

Daredevil (Matthew Murdock)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Matthew Michael Murdock

Michael Murdock

Revealed in a tabloid newspaper, but denied by Murdock


Place of Birth
New York City

First Appearance
Daredevil #1 (1964)

Daredevil #1 (1964); Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #1-5 (1993-1994); Daredevil: Yellow #1-6 (2001-2002)

Abandoned by his mother, Matt Murdock was raised by his father, boxer "Battling Jack" Murdock, in Hell's Kitchen. Realizing that rules were needed to prevent people from behaving badly, young Matt decided to study law; however, when he saved a man from an oncoming truck, it spilled a radioactive cargo that rendered Matt blind while enhancing his remaining senses. Under the harsh tutelage of blind martial arts master Stick, Matt mastered his heightened senses and became a formidable fighter. He also attended Columbia University Law School alongside his best friend, Franklin "Foggy" Nelson; but before Matt earned his Juris Doctorate degree, his father was murdered by agents of the Fixer (Roscoe Sweeny) for refusing to throw a fight. Enraged when the legal system failed to bring the Fixer to justice, Matt donned a costume made from his father's boxing robe and went into action as "Daredevil," savagely beating his father's killers and frightening the Fixer himself to death. Establishing a small New York law firm with Foggy, Matt vowed to serve the law as Matt Murdock and to fight evils beyond the law's reach as Daredevil. Over the years, he has fought many super-criminals, including Mister Fear,
Stilt-Man, Gladiator, Purple Man and Jester (Jonathan Powers), as well as crime lords such as the Kingpin and the Owl. He has loved and fought alongside both the Black Widow and Elektra.

Although Daredevil and the Punisher both fight crime, they often clash over the Punisher's lethal tactics. During an early encounter, Daredevil shot the Punisher to prevent him from killing drug-dealer Peter "Hogman" Grunter. Since then, Daredevil has worked with the Punisher when necessary, but has also attempted to bring him to justice. Daredevil formed the "Marvel Knights" to apprehend the Punisher, who escaped police custody thereafter. Later, Daredevil teamed with Spider-Man and Wolverine in a failed attempt to take down the Punisher, who told Daredevil that the only way to stop him was to kill him.

Recently, Daredevil's secret identity was exposed by a tabloid and he definitively defeated the Kingpin in public, declaring himself New York's new kingpin. To avoid disbarment, Murdock has been forced to publicly and legally deny his dual identity, though the public remains unconvinced. He was incarcerated by the FBI which had been publicly embarrassed by Murdock and placed in a population comprised of many of his enemies in the hope that Murdock would be killed while in prison. Murdock, aided by the Punisher, escaped shortly thereafter.

Matt would later meet a blind woman named Milla Donovan whom he would fall in love with. While they were dating, Owl attempted to become the new Kingpin of the underworld by profiting from the selling MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone) illegally. Matt was later able to regain his secret identity by winning his case against the Daily Globe, the paper that had revealed his identity in the past. The multi-million dollar settlement Murdock won was subsequently donated to a local community for the children. In the wake of this, Matt would then marry Milla Donovan, but later Ben Urich would try to convince Matt that he had a nervous breakdown due to the death of Karen Page. This resulted in Milla annulling their marriage. Matt would later be arrested and imprisoned in Ryker’s with the allegation that he was Daredevil again. While in prison, Matt was able to hear and was unable to stop Foggy being killed inside the prison. Meanwhile, there was a new Daredevil jumping around rooftops in Hell’s Kitchen. Later Matt was able to escape from Ryker’s thanks to the Punisher who pretended to take Matt hostage during the riot. After Matt was free, he took his mantle of Daredevil again and went to search the mysterious new Daredevil. He finally encounters him and discovers that it as his friend from Heroes For Hire, Danny Rand a.k.a. Iron Fist. He hoped that with him dressed up as Daredevil, it would clear any connection Matt had with Daredevil.

Daredevil later flees the country because he was outed as Daredevil again. While in Europe, Matt continued his work as Daredevil and fought some criminal organizations. He later meets a woman who had the same smell as Karen Page. Later Matt would discover that this whole thing was a plan of Vanessa Fisk. She offered him a deal to clear Matt’s name in exchange for him taking Wilson’s case and setting him free. Matt agreed to this and returned to America with his name now cleared. He later discovers that Foggy was alive all along and was under the care of the FBI. Matt then takes the case for Wilson and was able to set him free as long as he leaves the country.

With Fisk gone, many would-be supervillains want to fill in as the new Kinpin. One such character is Mr. Fear who's first move was to distribute a drug that makes the person a death-defying psychotic. And in order to make Daredevil's life more miserable, Mr. Fear gave the same drug to his wife Milla Donovan. But Daredevil could not be more busy in crime-fighting because of his recent confrontation with the The Hood, who also want to fill in as the new Kingpin.

Wilson Fisk returns to America after finally finding sanctuary in Spain, a love and also death, his girlfriend and her kids are murdered by Lady Bullseye. Kingpin returns to New York to start a war with The Hand and offers a partnership to Daredevil who is still trying to take custody of his wife, Milla Donovan, from her parents. Fisk meets with Matt to ask for his help in defeating The Hand and Lady Bullseye and agree's to help after hearing about Wilson's life in Spain and what had happened between him and Lady Bullseye. After meeting with Daredevil, Kingpin breaks the Owl out of jail so he could meet with Lady Bullseye and take out up-and-coming gangsters. Daredevil tells Master Izo about the deal he made with Wilson Fisk and immediately takes a disliking to it. After months of erratic behavior Foggy is fed up and tries to confront Matt, Matt met Foggy at his house but not in time to intercept a call Wilson Fisk had made to Matt and so Foggy found out he was working with the Kingpin. Because Matt has been avoiding many meetings with milla's parents and leaving all the work to him and not showing up to work, Foggy took it a little too far and he fires Matt from the law firm.

After being fired Matt has been away from home and looking for Master Izo,meanwhile Kingpin seemingly double-crossed Daredevil by hiring using the Owl to hire the Hand to get rid of Fisk's competition for power and eventually meet with Lady Bullseye to make a deal (which is still unknown). Foggy Nelson was put on a hit list by the Owl.

During a confrontation with the leader of the Hand, a fight ensured and in the end Daredevil was proclaimed leader of the clan he had fought throughout his entire hero career. Later when Lady Bullseye is sent by the Kingpin to frame Daredevil; she impersonates a hand ninja and kills a few of Osborn's employees. Out of revenge he sends his Dark Hawkeye to take care of Daredevil in his Bullseye persona. The two end up battling on a condemned building; only for Bullseye to blow the building up killing hundreds of innocent people. Swearing revenge Matt Murdock realizes that with Osborn in control he has to play by a different set of rules.