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Marvel Universe 

Dark Mother

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{{Powerbox| universe = Marvel Universe | blurb = | real_name = Fiona Knoblach | aliases = Mother of Night, Finality, Fiona Reeves, Fiona Benedict, Fiona Jones | identity = Known to authorities | occupation = High Priestess of the Dark Sister Hood | citizenship = USA with criminal record | place_of_birth = Virgina colony | relatives = John Jones, Andrew Benedict, Bernon Reeves (husbands, deceased), Seventh (real name unrevealed, daughter by Vernon Reeves), three unidentified daughters by John Jones; Hans Knoblach (father, deceased), Gertrude Hunter (mother, deceased), Gloria Knoblach (sister, deceased), William Knoblach (Clarity, brother), unidentified aunts (deceased), 20 unidentified grandchildren, more than 60 unidentified great-grandchildren, Bonita (aka Bonnie, last name unrevealed, descendant, deceased), 30,000 other alleged descendants including Gina Anderson, [[Jean Grey and Sara Grey-Bailey | groups = Dark Sisterhood (Leader) | education = Unrevealed | height = 5'6" | weight = 110 lbs. | eyes = Green | hair = Red | powers = The Dark Mother possessed the ability to open warp holes or portal through dimensions. She also possessed precognitive mutant psychic powers of the mind. | abilities = | weapons = | paraphernalia = | debut = Cable #88 (2001) | origin = | significant_issues = }}

Leader of the underground organization known as the Dark Sisterhood. The Dark Mother was a merciless ruler with an iron hand over her constituents, and she was willing to go to any lengths to further her machinations. Using the alias Finality, the Dark Mother approached Cable's mentor Blaquesmith seeking help. Believing the Sisterhood's aims coincided with that of the Askani, Blaquesmith aided them by arming them with psimitars.

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