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Marvel Universe 

Dire Wraiths

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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Rom #1 (1979)

Home World

Technology Level
Highly advanced, with starships capable of warp drive, skilled in bioengineering. Female Wraiths rely on sorcery.

Militaristic, imperialistic

Physical Description
Due to their shapeshifting abilities the Wraith's can alter their appearance at will, taking the form of both plants and animals, which include human beings.

The Dire Wraiths were a race of evil alien shape-shifters from the Dark Nebula. They were a genetic offshoot of the Deviants on Earth and the extraterrestrial Skrulls.The females of their race specialized in the darkest of dark magic. Two hundred years ago the Galadorians defeated the Dire Wraith attempt to invade the "Golden Galaxy." The Wraiths then infiltrated Earth's population, disguised as human beings but were repulsed by the Galadorian Spaceknight, Rom and his Earth allies.

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