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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Benjamin Tibbets

Benny, Private Tibbets



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #17 (2000)

Incredible Hulk #17 (2000)

Private Benjamin Tibbets was made to believe Bruce Banner was a traitor to the United States and allied with terrorist organizations by General John Ryker. He was also told he was on a mission sanctioned by the President himself to bring Doctor Banner in. Ryker added additional motivation when he told the soldier Banner was responsible for the gamma mutation that made Tibbets think he was a freak. Always looking to please his superiors, Private Tibbets was ready to take on the fight of his life.

Dropped into the swamp, where Hulk was doing some thinking, Tibbets stood toe-to-toe with the Hulk even before he changed into the powerhouse called Flux. The stunning metamorphosis took Hulk by surprise but not for long, and the Hulk defeated Tibbets. Hulk opened Flux's eyes to the shady side of General Ryker. Tibbets knew, deep down, something in Ryker's story was wrong, but he didn't want to believe his country would be responsible for his mutation and the deaths of his friends with unnecessary experimentation.

Tibbets was placed in the care of Doc Samson and Angela Lipscombe in order to diagnose his mental condition. Samson determined that Tibbets had an unresolved Oedipal Complex with the desire to please – not pleasure – his mother. Samson also theorized at what points Tibbets would change into Flux, and that Tibbets had felt more comfortable around men rather than women because of the lack of a mother/child bond. Benjamin merely said that second place was second best to his mother, and he wanted nothing more than to make her proud. Even though some progress was being made, Ryker soon showed up with General Thaddeus Ross and placed them all into military custody – including the Hulk.

While in captivity, Hulk was subjected to mental torture in order for Ryker to find a way to control him. However, the Hulk can resist more anguish than the average man. Tibbets, on the other hand, could not. Ryker used Samson’s notes and brainwashed the boy into thinking the Hulk was going to hurt his mother. Tibbets transformed into Flux and became Ryker's puppet once more. The rematch between Hulk and Flux was slightly more balanced this time because of Flux's protective nature for his mother, but it wasn't long before Tibbets broke down in the heat of battle crying for his mommy.

Tibbets sad existence came to and end when Ryker resurfaced at a time when Hulk declared war on the Earth. Ryker assembled a team of gamma-spawned creations called the Gamma Corps, and their first mission was to break into a government installation where Tibbets was being held. Tibbets was a loose end Ryker wanted cleaned up. Grey, the leader of the group, broke Tibbets out of his cell and then crushed his head before he could change into Flux.

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