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Marvel Universe 


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Enzyme produced by vampires which enables some of their supernatural abilities and requires ingestion of blood to generate new supplies.

Id machine

Mechanical device invented by the Wizard which can brainwash its victims.

image inducer

Device which projects a hologram to disguise the appearance of the wearer.


Virtual immunity to the effects of injury, disease or time.

Imperial Guard

A legion of super-powered champions who hail from member-planets of the Shi'ar Empire and serve as the elite army for the Royal Family.

See separate profile.


A male demonic creature who feeds upon the life essences of living beings.


Formula Serum which grants an extended lifespan to those who ingest it, but requires an annual booster to prevent near-instantaneous death.

Infinity Gems

Six gems comprising the powers of Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space and Time, with a seventh gem (Ego) which is errant. Combined the Infinity Gems possess cosmic power that can surpass that of most abstract entities.


Electromagnetic radiation which is normally below detection by the human eye.


A race of beings who diverged from mainstream humanity twenty-five thousand years ago as a result of genetic experimentation on primitive man performed by the alien Kree race.

See separate profile.


Race of gods worshipped by the Inuit ("Eskimo") peoples.


Without substance.


Of or having to do with the space between two universes, each of which exists in its own dimension.


The ability to make yourself, others, or objects unseen.

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